Jonesin' - Mar 31 2020

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Clues Answers
'A Fish Called Wanda' star CLEESE
'All Songs Considered' broadcaster NPR
'Atlas Shrugged' author Rand AYN
'Bad' cholesterol letters (I have trouble remembering which is which) LDL
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' captain Raymond HOLT
'Clue' Professor PLUM
'Formal Friday' wear TIE
'Goodness gracious!' MYOHMY
'Heads' side of a coin OBVERSE
'It stays ___, even in milk!' (claim for some contents of 62-Across) CRUNCHY
'Julie & Julia' director Nora EPHRON
'Look at the facts!' FACEIT
'Quit it!' STOP
'Sticks and Bones' playwright David RABE
'Take ___ Train' (Duke Ellington song) THEA
'Tell ___ About It' (Billy Joel hit) HER
'That was my best effort' ITRIED
'Who ___ is going?' ELSE
'___ additional cost!' ATNO
Actor Colm of 'Chicago' and 'Thor' FEORE
Against ANTI
Air ducts VENTS
Apple's mobile devices run on it IOS
Art ___ (style from 100 years ago) DECO
Authoritative decree EDICT
Bones beside radiuses ULNAS
Box office buys, briefly TIX
Burger topping CHEESE
Code for Arizona's Sky Harbor Airport PHX
Completely absorbed ENRAPT
Containers at the breakfast table (represented by the circled letters) CEREALBOXES
Dancer and YouTube star JoJo SIWA
Deck member ACE
Did some indoor housework CLEANED
Dir. from Denver to Chicago ENE
Door sign EXIT
Ending for ball or buff OON
Engine additive brand STP
Explosive letters TNT
Clues Answers
Finless fish EEL
Former 'Great British Bake Off' cohost Giedroyc MEL
Former capital of Japan (and anagram of the current capital) KYOTO
Frigid ending? AIRE
Furry TV alien ALF
Gains again, as trust REEARNS
Golf course hazards TRAPS
Grapefruit, in school solar system models SUN
Groucho of comedy MARX
Hybrid lemon variety MEYER
Laundry mark STAIN
List of options MENU
Lumberjack, colloquially AXEMAN
Make mistakes ERR
Meat in a can SPAM
Media monitor, briefly FCC
Mingle amongst MIXWITH
Mobile artist Alexander CALDER
Moisturizer stick that Kellogg's once actually sold, based on retro 62-Across LIPBALM
New, to Beethoven NEU
News program created by Cenk Uygur, for short TYT
NYPD alerts APBS
Passionate FERVID
Perry Mason creator ___ Stanley Gardner ERLE
Pie ___ mode ALA
Pirate's sword CUTLASS
Risque message SEXT
Satirical internet comedy group since 2002 SMOSH
Shows approval NODS
Showtime series about a killer of killers DEXTER
Singer-songwriter Conor OBERST
Six-legged colony member ANT
Sketch show with Bob and Doug McKenzie SCTV
Target of a G rating FAMILY
Tractor manufacturer John DEERE
Type of information listed on 62-Across NUTRITIONAL
Went on the ballot RAN
Winter Olympics squad SKITEAM
Word after 'I before E' EXCEPT