Family Time - Mar 30 2020

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Clues Answers
"... and ___ the twain shall meet" NEER
"A keeper of sheep" in the Bible ABEL
"Alakazam!" alternative PRESTO
"And miles ___ before I sleep" (Frost) TOGO
"Au" cousin ALA
"Better ___ than never" LATE
"East" on a grandfather clock III
"Later dude!" in another country CIAO
"My ___ and Only" ONE
"Speak your piece" piece OPED
112.5 degrees away from S ENE
A solid caustic LYE
Acorn plus many months OAK
Agate variety ONYX
All in favor PROS
Andean civilization INCA
Angel's overhead item HALO
Ardor ELAN
Arizona elevation MESA
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Bad thing to do before a swim EAT
Barely achieve (with "out") EKE
Bit of a whirl EDDY
Capital of Ukraine KIEV
Car-grille protector BRA
Chart-toppers HITS
Concha's place APSE
Cook's seasoning SAGE
Deviate from the script ADLIB
Did more than walked RAN
Dough lifter YEAST
Enunciate SAY
Field judge, for short REF
Firefly holders JARS
Clues Answers
Fish-eating bird ERNE
Flu symptom FEVER
Give a bazooka to ARM
Guiding principle POLESTAR
He's a doll KEN
Hearty drink QUAFF
Help a fraudster ABET
Infuriation IRE
Loop that has bloomed LEI
Mark on a tree NOTCH
Monopoly pieces DICE
Mr. Ringo STARR
Note on the musical scale SOL
On the roof of ATOP
Part of a preschool lesson ABC
Pub serving ALE
Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet ETA
Sips soup impolitely SLURPS
Sir, to a Hindu BABU
Some former tadpoles EFTS
Sound of a baby chick PEEP
Spiral shape HELIX
Spoonbill cousin IBIS
Stomped while walking TROD
Test the weight of HEFT
The great guy with mama PAPA
Traffic tangles JAMS
Transmit over RESUBMIT
Uruk is there IRAQ
Wedding cake layer TIER
With a cast of thousands EPIC
Word on a name tag HELLO
Yes on the docks AYE
Yogi or Fozzie BEAR