Family Time - Mar 29 2020

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Clues Answers
"... that nobody can ___" DENY
"... to ___ and to hold" HAVE
"Edit" menu option UNDO
"Long, long ___ ..." AGO
"Of course" YES
"Stop," at sea BELAY
"This ___ up" END
252-gallon unit TUN
Alternatives to Levi's LEES
Am for several? ARE
Amateur's antonym PRO
An answer found in geometry AREA
Ancient sailor MARINER
Bad thing to worship IDOL
Beach benefit TAN
Blooming loop in one U.S. state LEI
Bride's go-with GROOM
Cheap, pretentious or vain display POMP
Chimney shaft FLUE
Chip's good friend DALE
Clean using elbow grease SCRUB
Common note on the music scale SOL
Computer key TAB
Current event? INRUSH
Dalai follower? LAMA
Dork relative DWEEB
Envision SEE
Expected right now DUE
Fail to stand erect LEAN
Fermented drink with honey MEAD
Fully dressed CLAD
Future embryos OVA
Garfield's doc VET
Clues Answers
Give a silent affirmative NOD
Glaswegian, for one SCOT
Go from 13 to 14, say AGE
Great weight TON
Holiday preceder EVE
Huge birdhouse AVIARY
It lies on the floor RUG
It's in your hand PALM
Juicy Fruit, e.g GUM
Krypton, for one GAS
Neck section NAPE
Nose detection ODOR
Not the bragging type MODEST
Numbered composition OPUS
Offer a bad choice to TEMPT
Receivables INFLOW
Risky job in the king's court TASTING
Roll-call response HERE
Scary cry BOO
Semicircle ARC
Significant period of history ERA
Snack with one consonant OREO
Soap unit BAR
Some hate to do this and run EAT
Space GAP
State absolutely AVER
TV judging group PANEL
Type of lounge CHAISE
Very, very long time EON
Was formally introduced to MET
Wee bit of dust MOTE
Word from the pews AMEN
Word with "in a lifetime" ONCE
___ diem PER