The Washington Post Sunday - Mar 29 2020

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Clues Answers
'24' won 20 of them E{MM}YS
'Ah, you mean this?' OHTHAT
'Chicago' construction SET
'CSI' collection DNA
'Fleabag' star Waller-Bridge PHOEBE
'Gimme the cash,' e.g DEMAND
'Hey, you ... yeah, you!' PSST
'I won't eat that!' ICK
'Long ___ ...' AGO
'My fault' SO{RR}Y
'Out' sources? UMPS
'Shaft' hairstyle AFRO
'That'll show you!' SOTHERE
'The Silence of the Lambs' director Jonathan DE{MM}E
'Tomboyish' vlogger ___ Fitz ARI
'Us ___ Them' (Pink Floyd classic) AND
'We're in danger!' UHOH
'We're in danger!' SOS
'You think that matters to me?' DOICARE
007 order MARTINI
Ain't in style guides? ISNT
Annoy greatly IRK
Avant-garde movement DADA
Beasts of burden A{SS}ES
Big-tongued toon ODIE
Bills from un banco PESOS
Bit of glue DAB
Blackjack need ACE
Blender setting PUR{EE}
Blue Jacket's boot HOC{KK}{EE}{YY}{SS}KATE
Bone-chilling {EE}RIE
Borscht ingredient BEET
BP gas brand until 2013 ARCO
Cage of 'Birdy,' to fans NIC
Cartridge fillers INKS
Cathedral section APSE
Chalice, e.g CUP
Chance to dream NAP
City with the forest region of Nordmarka OSLO
Colorful tree season YULE
Coronation figure KING
Destroy pathogens, in a way PASTEURIZE
Drop, as leaves SHED
Educational guide LE{SS}ONPLAN
Elevating piece ODE
Entertaining James ETTA
Entertaining James CAAN
Epiphanic shouts AHAS
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Erased, as data WIPED
ESPN NFL Draft analyst ___ Kiper Jr MEL
External appearances GUISES
Extra, or a word that precedes the 'extra' words in this puzzle SPARE
Far from brilliant PALE
Fasten, beltwise STRAPON
Film director Blank LES
Final notes? C{RR}{II}{BB}{SS}HEETS
Firm abbr INC
First-class PRIMO
Food drive container CAN
Fuel treatment brand STP
Furry river beast O{TT}ER
Genre of crime fiction NOIR
Give the OK SA{YY}ES
Going down (way down) DEEP
Golfer given the 2006 Bob Jones Award JAYH{AA}S
Gordon ___ (corporate raider of 'Wall Street') GE{KK}O
Green item PU{TT}ER
Gucci rival DIOR
Had class? TAUGHT
Holmes or Watson, e.g ACTRESS
How cheese may be sold SLICED
In need of repair RAMSHACKLE
Inlet ARM
Clues Answers
Inviting people HOSTS
Irregular, as reception SPOTTY
Is logical, with 'up' ADDS
Italian coffee term that becomes its English equivalent by switching its final two letters CREMA
Knocks for a loop DAZES
Lab monitor, for short? SPCA
Leading AHEAD
Leonidas's belligerent catchphrase in '300' THISISS{PP}{AA}{RR}{TT}A
Like exhibits with audio and video components MUL{TT}{II}{MM}{EE}DIA
Like kickboxers AGILE
Like many a bodybuilder's physique SHAPELY
Many Iranian Muslims SH{II}TES
Marshalls alternative KOHLS
Midwest city whose name is always spelled in Vietnamese? AMES
Mottled horse ROAN
Movement discussed in Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey's book 'She Said' MET{OO}
Nation that won the 2018 World Lacrosse Championship USA
Nintendo controller introduced in 2006 W{II}MOTE
Not hard to handle, say DOCILE
Oahu restaurant tuna AHI
Oak molding, say WOODTRIM
Observed ESPIED
Offer BID
Peter I and Paul I, e.g TSARS
Pie chart lines, e.g RAD{II}
Piece of formalwear TIE
Popular single HIT
Portobello top MUSH{RR}{OO}{OO}{MM}CAP
Pot stake ANTE
Put together MADE
Quake in alarm COWER
Recipient of fan mail IDOL
Relaxed dress code CASUALAT{TT}{II}{RR}{EE}
Remove odors from, say AERATE
Reproductive cell SPORE
Result of a food fight MESS
Roll on a field SOD
Routine thing JOKE
Score marking CLEF
Screwed up E{RR}ED
Sentient AWARE
Share a reflection MUSE
Singer-songwriter ___ Gilmore THEA
Snookered DUPED
Sound from a cicada CHI{RR}
Spend a week in the wilderness, say ROUGHIT
Star ___ (company that makes treadmills) TRAC
Struck like the Stooges SLA{PP}ED
Stuck-up SN{OO}TY
Stuff in a pipeline OIL
Subject of a classic Monty Python pet shop sketch DEADPA{RR}OT
Submission in court PLEA
Substantial swig GULP
Summons on an essay SEEME
Surname with an apostrophe ONEIL
Term of Israeli peace talks? SHALOM
The 'S' of S. aureus bacteria, for short STAPH
The Cars guitarist Easton ELLIOT
Top-ranked team in a tournament bracket ONESEED
Trait from one's mother or father? PIETY
Two-tone snack OREO
Unknown, on a sched TBA
Uppercut sound effect POW
Ushered to the exit SAWOUT
Went beyond city limits? SPED
What a virtuoso may inspire AWE
When some eat brunch A{TT}EN
Wizards' and Mystics' game, informally {BB}ALL
You, archaically TH{EE}
___ Health (app from an insurance company) AETNA
___-cone (cold treat) SNO