The Sun - Two Speed - Mar 28 2020

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Clues Answers
Accumulation AGGREGATE
Bishop with a blessing for primate BABOON
Box amongst West Indians TIN
Business leader BOSS
Caviare source STURGEON
Chief duck in black ship BOSS
Christmas NOEL
Day ends in anger for brother FRIAR
Disastrous as many a dramatic production TRAGIC
Disliked person (informal) so-and-so
Extra stout inside to be sensational OBESE
Extremely sad TRAGIC
Feline CAT
Fish operator stores tonnes STURGEON
Get garage to correct total AGGREGATE
Go with BELONG
Graceful ELEGANT
Grossly overweight OBESE
Hair product SHAMPOO
Large monkey BABOON
Law Lord who ran to catch duke CODE
Leave extremely dire role DEPART
Metal element TIN
Modest about one's discipline CHASTISE
Clues Answers
Oil-rich sheikhdom BAHRAIN
Pachyderm ELEPHANT
Page finds table extender LEAF
Persian say approximately on time CAT
Perturbed sunseeker's remark in Gulf region? BAHRAIN
Reiterate REPEAT
Reminder to stock Asian wine? KEEPSAKE
Salesman to devour parrot REPEAT
Satisfactory AGREEABLE
Scoundrel soon sad after beating so-and-so
Sea advanced to claim river and harbour MARINA
Secret language CODE
Severely reprimand CHASTISE
Silly vain English wet behind ears NAIVE
Soho Pam could be Barnet cleaner? SHAMPOO
Start out DEPART
Stylish eastern worker holding on ELEGANT
Subject TOPIC
Take ages to fit in BELONG
Talking point one in best clubs TOPIC
Thumb (through) LEAF
Turbulence in the plane — Jumbo? ELEPHANT
Unsophisticated NAIVE
Xmas season to these spiritual stragglers? NOEL
Yacht haven MARINA
Yes-men always so pleasant? AGREEABLE