The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1578

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Clues Answers
All the changes of a deadly nature LETHAL
Animal fancied occupying the back of your house RHINO
Bakery — I'd chat about one of its products maybe birthday cake
Chaps who should know what's in store WAREHOUSEMEN
Commotion in place of rest left in the morning BEDLAM
Crew said something at Chiswick in boat race EYOT
Dad has system of paying — such is his family duty PARENTAL
Declare times in statistical information AVERAGES
Fantastic eagle in descent LINEAGE
Fellow ejected from chapel, the German high-up in congregation ELDER
Hidden under lots of loose rocks is Edmund SCREENED
Inferior cow girl catches cold lower-class
Clues Answers
King with honour producing garment ROBE
Manage to secure superior type of vehicle COUPE
Margaret, a very good type, a right “superperson” MEGASTAR
Model and artist turned up to make a bit of money DOLLAR
One going round hospital in pain ACHE
Rows with ferocious beasts, not good TIERS
Sings about Hampshire CHANTS
Some frantic person opposing something ANTI
Sour disposition of US men, prigs being awkward GRUMPINESS
Taking newspaper THEFT
This girl is hugged by sailor, naturally LORNA
Valuable coin found in item of food RAREBIT