Universal - Sep 10 2001

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Clues Answers
''--- I saw Elba'' ERE
''Dear'' one ABBY
''The Mocker Mocked'' painter KLEE
''To be sure!'' YES
--- carte ALA
--- up (accelerate) REV
Action DEED
Asocial type LONER
Barn bundles BALES
Bug repellent, of a sort SCREEN
Can't do without NEED
Certain collectors' items BEANIEBABIES
Clobber convincingly KAYO
Connections TIES
Cost of belonging DUES
Cricket wicket END
Cutting remark BARB
Dentist's direction RINSE
Dorm denizen COED
Extensive WIDE
Failure of diplomacy WAR
Fly-by-night TRANSIENT
Free RID
Furthermore AND
Fuss ADO
Giant silt removers DREDGES
Girlfriend for Kent LANE
Globe ORB
Good chunk of Mongolia GOBI
Gross out REPEL
Had the facts KNEW
Hall of Famer Mel OTT
Harvard neighbor, popularly MIT
Heal, as bones KNIT
Highway nuisances DETOURS
Hyson, for one TEA
Impolite look LEER
Clues Answers
It tried to avoid charges? UBOAT
Kipling's homeland INDIA
Like some eyes BEADY
Manicotti kin LASAGNE
More than zealous RABID
Mort Walker creation BEETLEBAILEY
Mount for Lancelot STEED
Official seal STAMP
Once-popular anesthetic ETHER
Org. that chose Beijing IOC
Out of there AWAY
Paramecium propellers CILIA
Pi-sigma connection RHO
Pipe joint TEE
Political sphere ARENA
Pretty penny ALOT
Rocket's cargo PAYLOAD
Slackers and loafers IDLERS
Some are blind DATES
Some revolve DOORS
Stand-up shtick BIT
Stores STOWS
Strange-sounding waterway? ERIE
Studio structures SETS
Stuffed SATED
Sulfur attribute ODOR
Support the scofflaw ABET
Sweethearts LOVEBIRDS
Tango requirement TWO
Tea storage unit CADDY
Thin nails BRADS
Toe the line OBEY
Toward shelter ALEE
Versailles, e.g. PEACETREATY
Xenophobe's fear ALIEN
Yellowfin TUNA