The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1577

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Clues Answers
A secondary job working in diesel SIDELINE
Below NY apartment, see rook or vulture CONDOR
Bird that’s flown as an experiment KITE
Burning paper? SUN
Concerned with omen, stand down RESIGN
Conditional release of father to attend function PAROLE
Cringe frightfully, suppressing cry of pain, doing this? COWERING
Criticise a conurbation for greed RAPACITY
Cry, going with this colour HUE
Dog carrying stick around at home CANINE
Don’t use snooker aid REST
Elite institutions that beast can cross? OXBRIDGE
Fly back out of Katanga GNAT
Clues Answers
From part of hospital, bore off set of clothes WARDROBE
It’s something to run a temperature: no harm moving around outside MARATHON
Love this statue? Turning angry EROS
Pale daughter’s magic accessory WAND
Part of winter nasty for bird TERN
Pulsing laser, top guide at night pole star
Rain heavily as hunting party turning up TEEM
Running around, the rat is a danger THREAT
Sort of group that gets under your skin? SPLINTER
Strong, but run over and broken ROBUST
Swelling, be very angry BOIL
The shape of American defence? PENTAGON
Time-saving tip that’s not so hairy? short cut