The Sun - Two Speed - Mar 24 2020

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Clues Answers
Agreement ASSENT
Appear from East and combine EMERGE
Apprehensive UNEASY
Beach area SEASIDE
Become known EMERGE
Cattle food FODDER
Catty remark about commercial grassland MEADOW
Clergyman's residence RECTORY
Dastardly con man in tree CINNAMON
Disease could be spread by water SEASIDE
Doctor with a graduate in exciting situation DRAMA
Environmental hazard in a Channel Islands sewer acid rain
Fairy returned a little jumper FLEA
Female with more unusual stuff to eat FODDER
Fools seen in the French mountain city LHASA
Foreign lager drunk by Scotsman ALGERIAN
Garment fastener comes with a warning PINAFORE
Go-ahead for climb announced ASSENT
Grand cycle track GROUND
Inheritance finally claimed by sweet relative NIECE
Long-billed wading bird IBIS
Memento RELIC
Mike poorly in factory MILL
Clues Answers
North African national ALGERIAN
One is embracing black bird IBIS
Outstanding to have good one inside OWING
Parasitic insect FLEA
Parched needing to swallow cold bitter ACRID
Pasture MEADOW
Pepper dispenser MILL
Polluted precipitation acid rain
Priest in church provides artefact RELIC
Pulverised GROUND
Pungent ACRID
Purplish red MAGENTA
Shade potentially meant to cover silver MAGENTA
Sibling's daughter NIECE
Sue any criminal that's worried UNEASY
Sustained cheering OVATION
Theatrical work DRAMA
Tibetan capital LHASA
Told to demolish Conservative minister's home RECTORY
Trickle slowly DRIP
Unassisted UNAIDED
Undead cruelly holding one without help UNAIDED
View duck on the wing OPINION
Wimp and daughter split DRIP
Zero tax — one working gives applause OVATION