Irish Times (Simplex) - Mar 24 2020

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Clues Answers
American follower of the Mennonite religion AMISH
Answer or reaction RESPONSE
Bags for school books SATCHELS
Dental cavities CARIES
Differ, dissent DISAGREE
Easily aroused to anger IRASCIBLE
Fail to fulfil a promise RENEGE
Foreign or very strange ALIEN
Game in which answers are acted out CHARADES
Kermit or Miss Piggy, say MUPPET
King of the fairies OBERON
La Boheme or Rigoletto OPERA
Lives peacefully side by side despite differences COEXISTS
Loud, high-pitched cry SCREAM
No ...,ands or buts, no argument allowed IFS
Non-Boers go over to this French university SORBONNE
Not restrained or controlled UNBRIDLED
Outdoor snack PICNIC
Clues Answers
Owing, perhaps money INDEBT
Place of safety REFUGE
Previously, before this time FORMERLY
Professional clown of the middle ages JESTER
Racing tip that claims to be a certainty NAP
Regular, constant, unvarying STEADY
Separate, break into parts SPLIT
Single seat CHAIR
Slaps the fishing vessels? SMACKS
Spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation RABBI
Take a seat SIT
Thermonuclear weapon HBOMB
Tiny copy or very small version MINIATURE
To the time that UNTIL
Unbroken series RUN
Warranty, pledge GUARANTEE
West Kerry town DINGLE