New York Times - Mar 23 2020

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Clues Answers
'Don't clap yet' HOLDTHEAPPLAUSE
'There was no choice but for me to say yes!' HOWCOULDIREFUSE
'To thine ___ self be true' OWN
'___ No Mountain High Enough' AINT
1980s-'90s NBC legal drama LALAW
Acknowledge as true COPTO
African animal that charges RHINO
Approximately ORSO
Ball that might attract a cat YARN
Big cheeses KAHUNAS
Bogus SHAM
Brynner of stage and screen YUL
Center of the solar system SUN
Channel for renovators and remodelers HGTV
Closet pest that loves wool MOTH
CPR experts EMTS
Cuisine featuring drunken noodles THAI
Dear: Fr CHERI
Designer Christian DIOR
Docs for dogs VETS
Dolphins Hall-of-Fame QB Bob GRIESE
Dress that ends above the knee MINI
Egyptian goddess of life ISIS
Features of touch-tone phones and A.T.M.s KEYPADS
Flat-bottomed boat SKIFF
Founder of the McDonald's empire RAYKROC
Four, on many a golf hole PAR
Freeze, as a pond ICEOVER
Georgia's capital: Abbr ATL
Get rid of, as pencil marks ERASE
Go over again, as notes REVIEW
Grand works OPUSES
Head: Fr TETE
Home of Montreal: Abbr QUE
Illegible writing SCRAWL
Input, as data ENTER
Insects, berries and worms, for a robin DIET
Clues Answers
Israeli submachine guns UZIS
It 'cannot stand' per 1-Down ... or a hint to 20-, 25- and 47-Across AHOUSEDIVIDED
Japanese watch brand CASIO
Lead-in to -dontist ORTHO
Light blue shades AQUAS
Medieval worker SERF
Metal food containers TINS
Not on the clock OFFDUTY
Old Testament book next alphabetically after Ezekiel EZRA
Opposite of aweather, to a sailor ALEE
Pantry pests ANTS
Parking ticket penalty FINE
Physical well-being HEALTH
Poles or Czechs SLAVS
Popped the question ASKED
President Lincoln, informally ABE
Put in a plane's overhead compartment, say STOW
Really digs ISINTO
Rock's ___ Fighters FOO
Run ___ (go wild) AMOK
Show host EMCEE
Sleep-inducing pill? BORE
Smallest Great Lake by volume ERIE
Smog-monitoring org EPA
Smooths the surface of, as wood SANDS
Swahili for 'freedom' UHURU
Tar Heels' sch UNC
Teeming throng HORDE
Took a chair SAT
Website for craftspeople ETSY
What a last true believer might believe in HOPELESSCAUSE
What may descend before the moon? TROU
What tree rings represent YEARS
Where pigs wallow STY
[So funny!] TEHEE
[So funny!] HAHA
___ bar (Hershey toffee confection) HEATH