- Mar 22 2020

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Clues Answers
''Am __ time?'' ION
''Breaking'' happenings NEWS
''Eureka!'' AHA
''Just what I was hoping for'' YES
''Me too'' IAGREE
''Picnic'' playwright INGE
''Short stack'' seller IHOP
''Supposing . . .'' WHATIF
''Turn up the A/C!'' IMHOT
''Wrong side'' success in bowling BROOKLYNSTRIKE
A euro predecessor DRACHMA
A way to pay INCASH
Acronym of urgency ASAP
Additional-cost items EXTRAS
An additional helping MORE
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Antonym of 1 Across DON
Author Jong ERICA
Back towards ''to'' FRO
Beginning on ASOF
Brings down LOWERS
Brown paint pigment OCHER
Campus nickname PROF
Cater for FEED
CFO's daily read WSJ
Claiming cry DIBS
Clairvoyants PSYCHICS
Clarification starter THATIS
Class clown JOKER
Combine, as assets POOL
Compact bed COT
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Connect LINK
Coral structures REEFS
Crucial element KEY
Cut out EXCISE
Davenport's state IOWA
Decline to WONT
Doc's prescriptions MEDS
Dubai locale: Abbr UAE
Enlivens, with ''up'' PEPS
Epoch when primates arose EOCENE
Evoke a fit from ENRAGE
Far from vigorous ANEMIC
Fault follower, in tennis SECONDSERVE
Favorite PET
Fell (over) KEELED
Fire-breathing boss OGRE
First in line NEXT
Formerly made Ford TBIRD
Frat letter ETA
Gen-__ (millennial) YER
Great Flood figure NOAH
Have objections MIND
Highly caloric RICH
Hinge (on) RELY
Hit a horn HONK
Hue close to aqua TEAL
Humorously different KOOKY
Japanese copier brand RICOH
Jet black ONYX
Kolkata coin RUPEE
Les __ Unis ETATS
Liquid-Plumr competitor DRANO
Liquor bottle size LITER
Love, at the Louvre AIME
Low point NADIR
Maestro Zubin MEHTA
Major Midwestern river OHIO
Make a selection CHOOSE
Maple syrup alternative HONEY
Menu selections DISHES
Clues Answers
Merry adventure LARK
Messy ones SLOBS
Mideast airline ELAL
Midsection muscles ABS
Military fabric, for short CAMO
Minimal snow FLAKE
Minuscule amount ATOM
Mom's sister AUNT
Mortar, to masons GLUE
Most dreadful DIREST
NASA affirmative AOK
Naval petty officer YEOMAN
Neighbor of Ethiopia SUDAN
NHL game conclusion THIRDPERIOD
Nose-in-air type SNOB
Nottingham or York SHIRE
Nuisances PESTS
Observe from a distance ESPY
Org. whose Opening Day is this week MLB
Part of French Polynesia TAHITI
Party planning partner COHOST
Payment to a finder FEE
Pedal pusher FOOT
Place for filming SET
Plank smoother PLANE
Plowing measure ACRE
Prefix for second NANO
Protective channel MOAT
Quick cash conveniences ATMS
Raise on a page EMBOSS
Religious retreat ABBEY
Remove, as apparel DOFF
Repeat, as another's words ECHO
Reunion attendees GRADS
Rowboat implement OAR
Salsa scooper CHIP
Santa __ (Silicon Valley city) CLARA
Scold, with ''out'' CHEW
Sentence fragment PHRASE
Sheds a tear CRIES
Shoelace annoyance KNOT
Signifies MARKS
Small appliances IRONS
Smitten INLOVE
Snow place like home IGLOO
Soggy ground MIRE
Special Forces wear BERET
Spot of land ISLET
Steamed state IRE
Summer cooler ICETEA
Summer Olympics event HAMMERTHROW
Surveillance technique WIRETAP
Synagogue teacher RABBI
Taboo thing NONO
Talent show entry ACT
Tear apart REND
Teen activist Thunberg GRETA
The original leading man ADAM
Therefore ERGO
Tilted type: Abbr ITAL
Track sprints with jumping HIGHHURDLES
Unsportsmanlike infractions in basketball TECHNICALFOULS
Up and about ASTIR
Water fall RAIN
Way over yonder AFAR
Weld, say FUSE
When many kick back WEEKENDS
Where the ball is on a gridiron FIELDPOSITION
Whitman's ''dooryard'' blooms LILACS
Within reach DOABLE
Without help ALONE