Wall Street Journal - Mar 21 2020 - Words Left, Right and Center

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Clues Answers
“Cheers” barmaid CARLA
“Green Book” Oscar winner ALI
“I’m good” NAH
“I’ve been wondering...” SAY
“Just messing with you!” IKID
“Oh, come on!” MAN
“Raggedy” doll ANN
“This guy gets it!” TRUEDAT
Alternative to a beer belly? LAGERINTESTINE
Amusing lark HOOT
Arrogant sort SNOOT
Astronomer’s study SKY
Ballpark fig EST
Ballpark figures PITCHERS
Bay Area research sch UCSF
Beautifiers of a prince of Troy’s dinner? PLATERSOFPARIS
Bed-and-breakfast INN
Bellini pieces ARIAS
Best Buy buys PCS
Best in class AONE
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Biblical embodiment of longevity METHUSELAH
Bookkeeping for the smartest 2%? MENSABUSINESS
Brawny rival VIVA
Brews often mixed with honey TEAS
Brought to tears MOVED
Can’t bear HATE
Cellular messenger RNA
Checkout device at some stores IPAD
Cheesy line from Tony’s wife on “The Sopranos”? CARMELACORN
Chemistry Nobelist Rutherford ERNEST
Chooses as a successor ANOINTS
Comfy places to sit HEARTHS
Cooled down ABATED
Counterparts of cones RODS
Cousin in a 1992 film VINNY
Crackers LOCO
Crash into RAM
Delectable TASTY
Description of a Canadian clod pushing a stroller? HOSERANDBUGGY
Dulling drug OPIATE
Easy bucket DUNK
Egg protector OVISAC
Entertainer’s milestone EGOT
Expose to intense heat SEAR
Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency LIBRA
Fall off WANE
Farmer Hoggett’s prize pig BABE
Field with intersections and unions SETTHEORY
First major league player to have his number retired GEHRIG
Fleet-based NAVAL
Forgo frugality SPEND
Gave the waitstaff work ATEOUT
God with a bow EROS
Google’s cloud gaming service STADIA
Gps. moms and dads get involved with PTAS
Greek goddess who drives the moon chariot SELENE
Grow weary TIRE
Grunts of pain OOFS
H.S. dept SCI
High-tech auto option ONSTAR
Holt of NBC News LESTER
Hosts often make them INTROS
Identifiers broken into three parts SSNS
Inconsiderate fellow BOOR
Inconsiderate fellow CAD
Indicator that a sentence is too wordy, perhaps DELE
Inquisitive sort SNOOP
Insignia indication RANK
Clues Answers
Irritates WEARSON
Is behind RUNSLATE
It may be positive or negative ION
It may be retrograde or anterograde AMNESIA
Kabul crowds AFGHANS
Kriegsmarine vessel UBOAT
Language of New Mexico TAOS
Layers of rocks? MASONS
Like some delis KOSHER
Link that can’t have any spaces URL
Making a bow TYING
Meat applications RUBS
Menu choice ENTREE
Meredith of NBC News VIEIRA
Most frilly LACIEST
Murmur sweet nothings COO
Musk of SpaceX ELON
Nightmarish genre HORROR
Number of weeks per annum LII
Out on the ocean ASEA
Ovine utterance BAA
Peacock’s pride PLUMAGE
Peak of power ZENITH
Peak offerings VISTAS
Peculiar ODD
Phone screen border BEZEL
Plan to fix an infestation of cobras? SNAKEATTACK
Pointer HINT
Pointer TIP
Poses for meditators ASANAS
Positive thinker’s motto ICAN
Pound pick MUTT
Prolific diarist of the 20th century NIN
Queen’s servants ANTS
Queenly trappings REGALIA
Raid target ROACH
Response from President Xi? CHINAREACTION
Result of tweeting BIRDSONG
Rudimentary stuff ABCS
Rummy cocktail MAITAI
Select group ELITE
Senses of grandiosity EGOS
Share quarters COHABIT
Sharp flavor TANG
Singer from County Donegal ENYA
Smarted STUNG
Some get-rich-quick schemes HEISTS
Strip, as a ship UNRIG
Subject of reminiscence PAST
Symbolize DENOTE
Talks like a heavy smoker RASPS
Target d’un coup ETAT
Tests that may find arrhythmia EKGS
They accept bets TAKERS
Tigers, on scoreboards DET
Tooth trouble ACHE
Top choice TEE
Top choice POLOSHIRT
Tries something risky TEMPTSFATE
Turns colors, maybe ROTS
Turquoise kin TEAL
Two tablets, e.g DOSE
Unable to look away ENRAPT
Unit Wikipedia defines as about the amount of work of a push-up by a housefly ERG
Villainous count in the Lemony Snicket books OLAF
Wafters from a barbecue AROMAS
Wander ROAM
Way you probably don’t want to be held HOSTAGE
Weightlifter’s prides TRIS
Writer imprisoned for cruelty and debauchery DESADE