The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,315 - Mar 19 2020

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Clues Answers
Appears strange embracing nude, oddly smooth SANDPAPER
Backing canvas held making bloomers DAHLIAS
Beer producer close to employing right container BREWERY
Bridled admitting Government's head was in power REIGNED
Commit criminal offence accepting gaol initially CONSIGN
Core supporter upset supporting Republican rubbish RHUBARB
Discerning piano with blue note occasionally PRUDENT
Fantastic meal, cod and chips, carried out ACCOMPLISHED
Foreign art of old, fake French china ORIGAMI
Game's up seeing fiddle? STRAD
Go over some upset apple-cart erratically RETRACE
Hip cure's unusual including a new cover INSURANCE
Hunger consumes ogre like a pig PORCINE
Identify bad smell in snake oil PLACEBO
Clues Answers
Lecture detectives over position protecting Queen DISSERTATION
Rejected free bank getting more unpleasant DIRTIER
Remarkably racy blonde is dancing CONSIDERABLY
Reptile I assume collects dung IGUANODON
Restrained about blunder if frightened TERRIFIED
Roll over following dog's keeper CURATOR
Sailor embraced by sailor around foreign capital RABAT
Shone with cryptic decrypted showing brilliance? PYROTECHNICS
Spoils musical covered by empty numbers NANNIES
The man's muffling noise facing good thrashings HIDINGS
Thunder God controlling weather UNDERGO
Weapon taken from ceasefire, reportedly PIECE
What might rule out a couple? NEITHER
Worried about being visibly embarrassed CARED