The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,086 - Mar 20 2020

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Clues Answers
As 20, be turned into martyr SEBASTIAN
Bond cut by M's predecessor? That's fair CLEMENT
Bore young child with Guardian leader, say TOTED
Curious final parts in addition to serious play NOSY
Different actor initially in role within grasp SEPARATE
Dramatic Brendan, hard to get head around BEHAN
Eg Romeo and Juliet miscast in it, alas ITALIANS
Escort's car phone broken CHAPERON
Family supporting relative briefly as singer SISKIN
Have a drink with journalists or censor SUPPRESSOR
Heading for tenure? Too disorganised ENROUTETO
Help for travellers, represent­atives covering area MAPS
Helpful software about transport, something that bears fruit in market APPLECART
Human with no end of hubris becoming dictator PERON
I am popular around place for wine drinking IMBIBING
King acted madly in theatre, executed patron GEORGE
Like some booms, not quite as enjoyable SONIC
Clues Answers
Music critic consulted over Beethoven's Fifth SHAW
Mythological sculptor producing a sign after less than minute PYGMALION
Name enshrined in eternity as symbol of chastity AGNES
Name for boy, son protected by security BASIL
Old man's sweetheart portrayed as 20 by 28 JOAN
One man and his dog coming to pass? SAINT
One-time ruler of style and manners, to some extent ANNE
Person watching play — could be endless pain in neck about it? CRITIC
Priest often in the limelight, delighting believers ELI
Records including your old string players LYRISTS
Repeatedly obstruct a 26 across on stage BARBARA
Rhyme scheme for group initially formed ABBA
Tory leader's opposed to miner in speech MAJOR
Way in which reforms scare cad so ACCESSROAD
With respect to dances, provides new arrangement REJIGS