Wall Street Journal - Mar 19 2020 - Double Taxed

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Clues Answers
“Chortle,” originally NONCEWORD
“That’s right!” YES
“Ugh, why did you share that with me?” TMI
Aboard ONTO
Accords PACTS
Agcy. with a Bureau of Consumer Protection FTC
Angel on one’s shoulder, say TATTOO
Arboreal abodes NESTS
Beam lifters CRANES
Beau monde ELITE
Blueprint details SPECS
Boxer’s bill? SOCKINGFEE
Burlesque act, or read phonetically, how to make phrases like five in this puzzle STRIPTEASE
Bygone Swedish auto SAAB
Church recess APSE
Consume INGEST
Country business INN
Cube root of ocho DOS
Cymraeg, in English WELSH
Dict. entry DEF
Discrimination TASTE
Dunderhead ASS
Dunderheads MORONS
Encourage SPURON
Europe’s third-longest river URAL
Fanning of “Maleficent” ELLE
Financier’s failures LOSSES
Freight carrier SCOW
Gifts that aren’t really gifts BRIBES
Good thing to have ASSET
Goofball BUFFOON
Harvest REAP
Have high hopes ASPIRE
High school teacher of 1970s TV KOTTER
Historian’s subject ERA
Huggies wearer TOT
Included in an email, briefly CCD
Jewish leader of equal stature? PEERRABBI
Clues Answers
Joined the insurrection ROSEUP
Kimono fastener OBI
Less intoxicated SOBERER
Liability for a musician TINEAR
Like autumnal sidewalks, often LEAFY
Make smaller PARE
Migratory formation VEE
Mimicking ALA
More ashen PALER
Never not ALWAYS
New Deal elec. provider TVA
Nonetheless EVENSO
Obesity meas BMI
Outer covering RIND
Page containing a legend MAP
Particle physics particle ION
Pinot noir and petite sirah REDS
Pioneering British music magazine NME
Powerful people INS
Printemps follower ETE
Prop in a campy production of “Othello”? MOORBOA
Serengeti stalker LION
Simple choice AORB
Singly ALONE
Start of le monologue d’Hamlet ETRE
Stud finder’s goal SIRING
Sumatran primate, for short ORANG
Symptom that might call for a tree surgeon? SOREBOUGH
Terse summons SEEME
They may have a lot of baggage CAROUSELS
Thirsty DRY
Tomato variety ROMA
Took steps TROD
Toxophilite’s tool TARGET
TV’s Longoria EVA
What a completist’s pub must carry? ALLALES
Worker with a trowel MASON