The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8228

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Clues Answers
Brass instrument CORNET
Church instrument ORGAN
Compulsively OBSESSIVELY
Dizziness at heights VERTIGO
Dr Johnson's biographer BOSWELL
Duck noted for down EIDER
Easy to understand LUCID
Fetch; cause to come BRING
Get well again RECOVER
Head side of a coin OBVERSE
Instrument; medal GONG
Jewish scholar RABBI
More elevated HIGHER
Clues Answers
Myanmar BURMA
Of little value TRIVIAL
Offspring YOUNG
Percussion instrument CYMBAL
Possessor OWNER
Pressure line on map ISOBAR
Score (a piece) ORCHESTRATE
Smallish hunting dog BASENJI
Stringed instrument GUITAR
Stringed instrument CELLO
Stringed instrument VIOLIN
Stringed instrument LUTE
Unhappy; knock over UPSET