Canadiana - Mar 16 2020

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Clues Answers
A kind of time, abbr MST
Alright, for short OK
Ancient poem EPODE
Artificial language IDO
Automated tellers, for short ATMS
Back side REAR
Before ERE
Broadcaster, Knowlton NASH
Castle defence MOAT
Charlie 's mate OONA
Chemical compound UREA
Consume EAT
Damage MAR
Directions, in Glasgow AIRTS
Edible dormouse LOIR
Electronic counter measures, abbr ECCM
Equal, prefix ISO
Evasive COY
Flank SIDE
Golfer, Sandra POST
Hang open GAPE
Hawaiian town HILO
Lamb, pseudonym ELIA
Language of old Ireland ERSE
Love God EROS
Madame, for short MME
Male children BOYS
Me, in Vercheres MOI
Meadow LEA
Mid-east people SAUDIS
Mil. org WAC
Mine entrance ADIT
Clues Answers
Mountain ridge ESKER
Music part NOTE
Needle fish GAR
Nigerian people EFIK
One time ONCE
Partner of outs INS
Promissory note, for short IOU
Rampage RIOT
Religion TAO
Rink surface ICE
Roman household God LAR
Rower, Silken LAUMANN
Russian city OREL
Scrap ORT
Skater, Barbara Ann SCOTT
Skater, Petra BURKA
Skier, Kate PACE
Skier, Laurie GRAHAM
Skier, Nancy GREENE
South of France MIDI
Summer, in St. Therese ETE
Swimmer, Carolyn WALDO
Swimmer, Marilyn BELL
Swimmer, Wendy COOK
Tennis player, Carling BASSETT
Tennis player, Helen KELESI
That woman SHE
Therefore SO
Travel expense FARE
Twelve months YEAR
UK toilet LOO
Unspecified ANY
Weep SOB
Wood sorrel OCA
____de Cologne EAU