- Mar 14 2020

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Clues Answers
''A nightingale who sits in darkness,'' per Shelley POET
''Don't argue!'' IINSIST
''Hold your horses!'' GOSLOW
108 ''Odyssey'' fellows SUITORS
A __ TOZ
Add flamboyance to, with ''up'' GLAM
Address for L.A.'s Laugh Factory SUNSET
Antonym of ''earnestness'' IRONY
Apollo, for instance TWIN
Bad marriage prospects in Austen novels RAKES
Begin a course TEEUP
Boon of consumption NUTRIENT
Boston Public Library muralist SARGENT
Brains and brawn ASSETS
Candy heart sentiment LUV
Che in ''Evita'' TENOR
Chesapeake bait CRABPOT
Cofounding Jesuit XAVIER
Collectible vessel STEIN
Crash, in a way SNEAKIN
Creatively turbulent YEASTY
Credit card reader display ACCEPTED
Cutlery carrier TEATOWEL
Discolors, as fabrics MILDEWS
DoD enforcement group NCIS
Dumps AXES
Element in strobe lights XENON
Extended broadside RANT
Extra content GLAD
Far from honeyed RASPY
Fashion effect aka ''manscara'' GUYLINER
Fellow from Wheeling ELI
Financially OK SOLVENT
First airer of ''The Office'' BBC
French euros ARGENT
Clues Answers
It may be commanding VIEW
It's busted in Hitchcock's ''Topaz'' SPYRING
Lay an egg ERR
Less harried SANER
Mailed regrets NOS
Many a paperweight PRISM
Many an outboard VSIX
Means to exoneration, maybe DNA
Med-tech specialty PREOP
Nautical shelter LEE
No longer in force NEGATED
Olds was the first to offer them to the public AIRBAGS
Onetime North Island herbivore MOA
Pathway on old sailing ships ROPEWALK
Potent ''nihonshu'' SAKE
Question asked breathlessly, perhaps AMILATE
Really fly ZOOM
Sanctioned LEGAL
School with a sci-fi society MIT
Sea terror of Norse legend KRAKEN
See 7 Across EEL
Smith booster ALUMNA
Sugar baron/art collector/philanthropist TATE
Take a stab at ESSAY
Trifling MEASLY
Turn that sounds like a lot SLUE
Uncombined APIECE
Verdict of disapproval ITSAMESS
Video gamer's frustration LAG
Wastebasket, for instance ICON
What a prelude often precedes SUITE
With 4 Down, transparent swimmer GLASS
Word from Middle French for ''wave'' VOGUE
World leader with a judo DVD PUTIN