Wall Street Journal - Mar 14 2020 - Fabricated

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Clues Answers
“Dawg!” BRO
“Gimme a break!” OHPLEASE
“Haven’t gone to bed yet” IMUP
“Jeopardy!” contestants, e.g TRIO
“Let’s avoid this, okay?” CANWENOT
“Likewise” ASDOI
“Moonbeams” artist ONO
“My treat” IMBUYING
“Science Guy” Bill NYE
“Well, golly!” OHGEE
“Yeah, whatever!” IBET
“___ De-Lovely” ITS
“___ right with the world” ALLS
101 course INTRO
Aboveboard LEGIT
Asks for help on a particular matter, in a way PRAYSONIT
Asylum seeker REFUGEE
At the bottom of the standings INLAST
Attacks with a dagger KNIFES
Bee bunch COLONY
Belted out SUNG
Best ever, in slang THEGOAT
Big name in ambient music ENO
Bombed badly STANK
Camera component LENS
Canine command STAY
Casino calculation ODDS
Categorize ASSORT
Causing goose bumps SCARY
Cedar Rapids college COE
Charitable act GIFTING
Cheer that’s a homophone of 8-Down OLE
Clueless ATSEA
Co. abbr INC
Completely false, or what the letters between the circles are? CUTOUTOFWHOLECLOTH
Contact solution brand RENU
Contemptible sort LOUSE
Continental rival REDCOAT
Country on the Med SYR
Country on the Mediterranean ISRAEL
Couturier’s creations DESIGNS
Crawford who’s played for eight NBA teams JAMAL
Criterion: Abbr STD
Cuban capital, to natives HABANA
Deck (out) TOG
Do some cafeteria work BUS
DraftKings competitor FANDUEL
E-commerce giant co-founded by Jack Ma ALIBABA
E.T. policers of film MIB
Email program folder DRAFTS
Engineer who built the Statue of Liberty’s framework EIFFEL
Entertain at the door CAROL
Exception to a “no pets” policy GUIDEANIMAL
Exhortation during intense exercise FEELTHEBURN
Fencing sword FOIL
Festoons for Halloween, informally TPS
Figure in many a New Yorker cartoon STPETER
First part of a ski jump INRUN
Flower cluster with a flat top CORYMB
Folksy Joan BAEZ
Fury IRE
GIF-sharing response LOL
Glacial features ICECAVES
Greasy spoons DINERS
Greet silently NODAT
Greet vocally SAYHITO
H.S. diploma alternative GED
Hefty thing BAG
Help during a heist ABET
Clues Answers
Hope was often part of one USOTOUR
Hors d’oeuvres topping ROE
Huevos rancheros topping SALSA
Improvises with nonsense syllables SCATS
It might come straight from the horse’s mouth BIT
Language spoken at some conventions KLINGON
LAX checkers TSA
Letter before upsilon TAU
Light sparkling wine ASTI
Like an accurate soccer shot ONGOAL
Low USN rank ENS
Makes a lot of headway GETSFAR
Men of myrrh and more MAGI
Mo. neighbor KAN
Moisturizer brand OLAY
Mondale nickname FRITZ
Move with ease COAST
Much of a waiter’s income TIPS
Off course ASTRAY
One for whom the play’s the thing SPORTSNUT
Overflowing, or what the words in the circles are? BURSTINGATTHESEAMS
Page of “Juno” ELLEN
Perennial battlers SEXES
Place for a “me day” SPA
Predator in a pod ORCA
President Rouhani’s nation IRAN
President who had no vice president TYLER
Primates named after friars CAPUCHINMONKEYS
Qtr. components MOS
Radio, newspapers, etc OLDMEDIA
Recruits with cajolery ROPESIN
Relish GUSTO
Ric of the Cars OCASEK
Rocker Liz PHAIR
Salad stuff GREENS
Salt container? BRIG
Sanskrit for “abode of snow” HIMALAYA
Santa ___, California ANA
Shake shop offering MALT
Shoe’s end TOE
Short brew? IPA
Showing a ’tude SASSY
Site of some squealing STY
Sly’s “Rocky IV” rival DOLPH
Some owls’ homes BARNS
Spoil MAR
Staff member? NOTE
Stalemates IMPASSES
Start of a few choice words EENY
Start to commute? TELE
Stephen Colbert’s employer CBS
Subj. for some immigrants ESL
Subway posting MAP
Sullen look POUT
Takeout PC key combo CTRLX
Texter’s “Alternatively...” OTOH
They rotate on Broadway CASTS
Tiffany rival CARTIER
Transitional point VERGE
Victimize PREYON
Watchful state ALERT
Waterproofs, perhaps SEALS
Waxy area on a raptor’s beak CERE
Where to begin STEPONE
Wild party RAGER
With no discernible delay, in computer processing REALTIME
Yield to INDULGE