USA Today - May 10 2020

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Clues Answers
'Chicago' star Richard GERE
'F9' director Justin LIN
'Gotcha!' AHA
'I wanna look!' LEMMESEE
'In addition . . .' AND
'That was years ___' AGO
'The Challenge' network MTV
'You got me' IGIVE
Accompany ESCORT
Apprehensive feeling ANGST
Ask nosy questions PRY
Baked potato bit CHIVE
Big name in luxury bags HERMES
Brand name that's pig Latin for a band name AMWAY
Bring on board HIRE
Bumper ___ CARS
Burke hailed by the New Yorker as 'basketball's best TV analyst' DORIS
Cheeky SASSY
Common lunchtime NOON
Consequently ERGO
Deadpan DRY
Destine for failure DOOM
Dresses with flares ALINES
Every last bit ALL
Exasperated exclamation ICANTWIN
Face parts JAWS
Fit to be tied IRATE
Gait slower than a canter TROT
Garden center bagful SOIL
Gem associated with good luck in Chinese culture JADE
Glide down a snowy slope SKI
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Granola tidbit OAT
Has regrets about RUES
Homophonous fruits PEARS
Ikebana vessel VASE
Insurance filings CLAIMS
Interpreter's challenge SLANG
It's no longer full and not yet new WANINGMOON
Clues Answers
Jerry's partner BEN
Kentucky-born boxing legend ALI
Letters for some tax experts CPA
Like the LDS Church MORMON
Miffed state MOOD
Miffed state SNIT
Music genre associated with 6-Down EMO
Negative conjunction NOR
New Zealand people MAORI
Off-white shade IVORY
Org. that makes a lot of cents USMINT
Part of a.m ANTE
Places for genetic testing DNALABS
Plunge DIVE
Regrettable action WRONGMOVE
Relative of the caribou ELK
Revert UNDO
Sahara animal CAMEL
Seizes GRABS
She/___ pronouns HER
Silent performer MIME
Small desserts TARTS
Small earring STUD
Smiles widely GRINS
Spanish for 'I love you' TEAMO
Stay-at-home's spouse, perhaps WORKINGMOM
Stopped sleeping AWOKE
Students might take them NOTES
Studio Ghibli specialty ANIME
Toaster waffle brand EGGO
Ultra-bright NEON
Unaccounted for, for short AWOL
Vaccine pioneer Louis PASTEUR
Waves away SHOOS
Workbench gripper VISE
Yellow songbird CANARY
___ biology MARINE
___ splints (runner's woe) SHIN