Irish Times (Crosaire) - Mar 11 2020

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Clues Answers
Absent women in Lima working with Zambian neighbour MALAWI
Accept it, as True Detectives opens with suspect DISBELIEVE
Ain't leaving great-niece in the union GREECE
An unhealthy place for 24 across and 10 across SICKROOM
Bash opening an event in Ring with rough slapstick comedy KNOCKABOUT
Carried through and made a killing EXECUTED
Child's pet name for the chips - of course, it's essential for any takeaway DOGGYBAG
Covered up by Generalissimo or that one in The House ROOM
Cut short takeover, as can't ignore head resident OCCUPANT
Did a turn with series director CYCLED
Frenchman gets to pull a face after a sketch MAPOUT
Irate, sick, falling over, laid out - RIP TEARITUP
Is that an ongoing reaction in Red China? CHAIN
It's what a classy type is expected to do right at engineering faculty REVISION
Clues Answers
Meat in stew could be from an American can locally? INMATE
Occupied by a thought AMUSED
Persuade Clare to finish deception with French wine CONVINCE
Pittance for initial preferential stock offering? SOUP
Repeat insult coming from touchlines ECHO
Sample of banana pancakes from the vintner's valley NAPA
Scoundrel is in a bad way with current car CADILLAC
See sense here in the definitive volume DICTIONARY
Soundbite dismisses Ben in the drawing room STUDIO
Take some pharmacological Mickey Finn and relax CALM
The proceeds of risible bread-maker? Anyone rolling out their own dough will get this FUNNYMONEY
The type of tablets that were once crushed for prescriptions devised by the man upstairs TENCOMMANDMENTS
Twisted and turned system, opened and stripped down SNAKED
Well, it's not distasteful in a manner of speaking SICK