New York Times - Mar 10 2020

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Clues Answers
'The Simpsons' character whose last name has 18 letters APU
'Yours truly' alternative ASEVER
A founder of Mexican muralism DIEGORIVERA
Actor who won an Oscar for 1950's 'Cyrano de Bergerac' JOSEFERRER
Actress Blunt EMILY
Agreeable (to) OPEN
Attend GOTO
Baseball's Musial STAN
Big scoopers LADLES
Challenge sometimes built outdoors with hedges MAZE
Company with a can-do attitude? ALCOA
Confidence, slangily MOJO
Creepy stare LEER
Dictator following the Spanish Civil War FRANCISCOFRANCO
Eight pints ONEGALLON
Employ HIRE
Enjoyed a fine meal DINED
Enter abruptly and obtrusively, with 'in' BARGE
Famed theater district restaurateur SARDI
Famous Ford failure EDSEL
Fix a clog? RESOLE
French city with a history of silk-making LYONS
Gambling card game FARO
Go off the tracks DERAIL
Good thing to keep above water HEAD
Hacienda room SALA
In pieces APART
Its 'saintly' cities include the starts to 16-, 28-, 37- and 43-Across CALIFORNIA
Killed, in mobspeak OFFED
Liberal and then some FARLEFT
Little squeakers MICE
Little troublemaker RASCAL
Longtime rival of Roger Federer RAFAELNADAL
Loosey-goosey LAX
Lower part of Wayne Manor BATCAVE
Clues Answers
Mama ___ Elliot CASS
Milky white mineraloid OPAL
More balanced mentally SANER
Move like molasses OOZE
Muff something ERR
Norway's patron saint OLAV
Not remote, as a TV reporter ONSCENE
One cause of goose bumps FEAR
One may be blind or hot DATE
Oodles LOTS
Participating INIT
Partner of conditions TERMS
Permit to LET
Pipe type BRIAR
Prefix with dynamic AERO
Principal MAIN
Professional on a film set CAMERAMAN
Radames's love, in opera AIDA
Rub out ERASE
Said aloud ORAL
See 2-Down AGE
See 38-Down ASALE
Shell's shell, e.g LOGO
Skirt style MIDI
Soothing ingredient ALOE
Splendor LUXE
Sugar suffix OSE
Very bright, as colors NEON
Vote into office ELECT
Wagner's '___ Rheingold' DAS
What a baseball rundown usually ends in TAG
What's left of a dinosaur FOSSIL
Widely spoken language in India BENGALI
With 47-Across, get the buyer to buy CLOSE
With 7-Down, early historical time IRON
Words from a new arrival HEREIAM
___ Krishna (religious movement) HARE