Wall Street Journal - Mar 9 2020 - Pick Up the Pace

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Clues Answers
“Don’t be ridiculous!” GETREAL
“Famous” cookie baker AMOS
“Lawrence of Arabia” star OTOOLE
“Star Wars” character Kylo ___ REN
“Wake Up Little ___” SUSIE
“___ Well That Ends Well” ALLS
*Comment accompanying an eye roll SPAREME
*Like an optimist’s glass HALFFULL
*Look of determination GAMEFACE
*Size for a petite person EXTRASMALL
43,560 square feet ACRE
Annoying folks at the theater LATECOMERS
Aspiration HOPE
At an angle BENT
Big name in food wrap SARAN
Bogus SHAM
Brewer’s grain BARLEY
Brewer’s products ALES
Brooks of comedy MEL
Capture TRAP
Clues heading ACROSS
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Coat rack part PEG
Comedy with much door-slamming FARCE
Company whose products often include Allen wrenches IKEA
Corp. tech head CIO
Cuts some canines TEETHES
Deep cut GASH
Egyptian emblem SCARAB
Egyptian emblems ASPS
Fancy-schmancy LUXE
Flexible worker FLOATER
Flippered mammal SEAL
Fly ball caught by the catcher, e.g POPOUT
Gosling of “First Man” RYAN
Graffiti artist’s signatures TAGS
Guess to be true SURMISE
Clues Answers
Hawaii, on many U.S. maps INSET
Hawaiian beach bash LUAU
High-speed Amtrak offering ACELA
Holiday pay rate, perhaps, and a hint to what can follow each word of each starred answer DOUBLETIME
Ill will MALICE
In good taste SEEMLY
Landlords LEASERS
Look after TEND
Miner matter ORE
Mongolian desert GOBI
Museum-funding org NEA
Not shiny MATTE
Not terrible, but not great SOSO
Oceanic predator ORCA
One of Alcott’s “Little Women” AMY
Put into service USE
Quick side dish MINUTERICE
Relieves (of) RIDS
Reverberating sound ECHO
Rover’s fuel? ALPO
Sleeper’s breathing problem APNEA
Smooth sailing EASY
Standoffish ALOOF
Still life fruit PEAR
Storage spot BIN
Supply-and-demand study, for short ECON
Sushi roll topping ROE
Tach measure, for short RPM
Take a break REST
Terrier named for a Scottish island SKYE
Two of four “Monday, Monday” singers MAMAS
Utah ski resort ALTA
Winter glider SLED
Without, in France SANS
Words before word, whirl or way INA
Wrestler’s hold NELSON
Write on glass, say ETCH
___ mater ALMA