Irish Times (Simplex) - Mar 9 2020

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Clues Answers
''The ... Jar'' (Sylvia Plath) BELL
Admit as a member INDUCT
Area of level high ground PLATEAU
Block passage or view OBSTRUCT
Call for a repeat performance ENCORE
Cause to die KILL
Circle of light around the sun during an eclipse CORONA
Compulsively concerned with something OBSESSED
Drought-stricken prairies in the US that suffered storms of fine powder in the 1930s DUSTBOWL
Hearing, touch etc. SENSES
High hereditary title in Britain DUKE
Hung about, with intent perhaps LOITERED
In addition ASWELL
Increasing threefold TRIPLING
Intoxicating drink ALCOHOL
It joins a soloist in parts of songs CHORUS
Clues Answers
Laugh at or deride RIDICULE
Log Naomi into the vast Asian region MONGOLIA
Loud and harsh STRIDENT
Not active or at work IDLE
One gives us the news REPORTER
Pointing towards a target AIMING
Potion once thought to prolong life ELIXIR
Profit earned on money RETURN
Separate, distinct DISCRETE
Small game birds QUAILS
Still in existence EXTANT
Unobtrusive, circumspect DISCREET
Vehicles for transporting goods LORRIES
Viscous liquid from green or black fruit OLIVEOIL
Wispy white cloud CIRRUS