- Mar 8 2020

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Clues Answers
''Fiddler on the Roof'' dance HORA
''Gotcha'' ISEE
''Ivanhoe'' author SCOTT
''Mamma __!'' MIA
''To a . . .'' poem ODE
'70s war zone NAM
45th state UTAH
68 Across fare PANCAKES
A Defense Department URL suffix MIL
Abounds (with) TEEMS
Allege CLAIM
Alternative to cue cards TELEPROMPTER
Angry emotion RAGE
Annapolis newcomers PLEBES
Answer a want ad APPLY
Apples or oranges NOUN
Aristocratic group ELITE
Asked urgently PLED
Assayers' samples ORES
Bar bill TAB
Bergman's ''Casablanca'' role LUND
Best pal BUD
Big name in western fiction ZANE
Brought under control TAMED
Burn lightly CHAR
Business card info COMPANYNAME
Cast off SHED
CBS forensic franchise CSI
Charlatan FAKER
Church topper SPIRE
City near Windsor DETROIT
Convertible, with the top down OPENCAR
Cultivated BRED
Currier's partner IVES
Deductive reasoning LOGIC
Deep gorge CHASM
Deposits of 50 Across LODES
Dickensian clerk URIAH
Director Ethan or Joel COEN
Eiffel Tower neighbor SEINE
Exchange quips SPAR
Executive Dept. fiscal agency OMB
False story LIE
Falstaff-like OBESE
Fast-spreading, on the Web VIRAL
Fathered, as a foal SIRED
Financial paper, initially WSJ
Fine-tune HONE
Firecracker feature FUSE
Flashcards subject ARITHMETIC
Food wrap brand SARAN
Fortify again REARM
Frames of mind MOODS
Friends of the French AMIS
Genealogical diagram TREE
Get the ball rolling BEGIN
Goof up ERR
Heavy load ONUS
Henry Ford's son EDSEL
Heroic acts DEEDS
Hides from view COVERS
High school gala PROM
Hired help AIDE
Holey utensil STRAINER
Home to most people ASIA
House of Henry VIII TUDOR
Hr. fraction MIN
Hungry as a bear FAMISHED
In a heap PILED
In bundles, as cotton BALED
In pieces APART
Interest figure RATE
Clues Answers
Israeli currency SHEKEL
Italian auto FIAT
Kept cool in a bucket ICED
Kindergarten cry for attention MEME
Listing on a place card DINNERGUEST
Luau greeting ALOHA
Made a raid FORAYED
Modern music RAP
Mud bath sites SPAS
New face at a firm HIREE
NL West team ARI
No longer obsessed by OVER
Nonspecific person ONE
Not snowed by ONTO
Not worth arguing about MOOT
Nun's superior ABBESS
Oddly scary EERIE
Old Testament monarchy SHEBA
One filling out a timecard HOURLYWORKER
One in the lead STAR
Packs (down) TAMPS
Person staring OGLER
Picture postcard sender VACATIONER
Pie maker's tools CORERS
Piece of fencing RAIL
Place for a SIM card SMARTPHONE
Plant with fronds FERN
Port of Normandy CAEN
Programmer's writings CODE
Prone to bungling INEPT
Purpose for tarot cards DIVINATION
Put a cap on LIMIT
React to the cold SHIVER
Reduce to rubble RUIN
Remove wool from SHEAR
Repetitive practice DRILL
Reunion attendee ALUM
Rigatoni relative ZITI
Road irregularities BUMPS
Rooms with bookshelves, often DENS
Sales agent, for short REP
Sch. near Providence URI
School on the Thames ETON
Second glove MATE
Slender swimmer EEL
Slinky, essentially COIL
Son of Seth ENOS
Spanish cheer OLE
Sphere of study AREA
Sprinter's assignment LANE
Stack-serving chain IHOP
Starter like ante- PRE
Steamed Mexican munchie TAMALE
Stiff wind GALE
Summon via intercom PAGE
Sunflower product OIL
Tenor's performance ARIA
The way of the world? ORBIT
Thought-provoking MEATY
Timeworn STALE
Top of the head PATE
Travel aimlessly ROAM
Treat once packaged with baseball cards BUBBLEGUM
UFO crew ETS
Villainous visages SNEERS
Waste time DALLY
Weightlifting maneuver PRESS
What a keycard gains access to HOTELROOM
What follows ''aka'' ALIAS
With husks removed SHELLED
WWII Russian leader STALIN