The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,421 - Feb 23 2020

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Clues Answers
-- Christian Andersen, Danish author of fairy tales HANS
-- Grossman, TV personality who introduced his own brand of cooking sauces LOYD
and 19 Across: President of South Africa from 1999 to 2008 THABO
Arab sailing boat DHOW
Archangel whose feast day is September 29 or November 8 MICHAEL
Brief burlesque or comic sketch SKIT
Capital of France's largest island AJACCIO
Engraving process in which a bluish-white element is covered with wax and etched ZINCOGRAPHY
Fee for using highway or bridge TOLL
German city where an important conference was held in 1945 POTSDAM
Hooded coat or jacket PARKA
Irish National Hunt jockey, now a trainer JONJOONEILL
Island connected to mainland by a bridge south-west of Oban SEIL
Japanese martial art based on a system of fighting without weapons JUJITSU
Ketone, a highly flammable liquid ACETONE
Mark left by a wound SCAR
Clues Answers
Of a lake, say, become frozen ICEOVER
One of a body of lancers in the Polish army UHLAN
Poorest labouring class PROLETARIAT
Predatory bird of the genus Stercorarius SKUA
Protector of shepherds in Roman mythology FAUN
Roland --, singer with Fine Young Cannibals GIFT
Russian composer of the ballet 'Swan Lake' TCHAIKOVSKY
See 14 Down MBEKI
Son of Edward III and father of Henry IV JOHNOFGAUNT
Spanish bayonet, a species of yucca ADAMSNEEDLE
Suit or case already decided RESJUDICATA
Title used by Archbishop of York EBOR
UK's counter-terrorism strategy since 2003 CONTEST
V-shaped band on a sleeve CHEVRON
Very rich person, a Harry Enfield character LOADSAMONEY
Welsh version of Christian name possibly meaning bow-warrior IFOR