- Mar 7 2020

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Clues Answers
''Fashion's Newest Billionaire'' per ''Forbes'' KORS
''No one __ willingly'' (Socratic thesis) ERRS
''__ da latte'' (bambino's acquisition) DENTE
Accommodation for some state park campers YURT
Antarctica got its first two in 1998 ATMS
Any party planner POL
Apt rhyme for ''Olé!'' YAY
Aramaic word for ''bread'' PITA
Authority on MSG allergies ENT
B-boy connection ASIN
Batter's base EGGS
Bush 43-era threat AXISOFEVIL
Cause of a rock group breakup HEAVYEXPLOSIVES
Charley horse, e.g SPASM
Common ''Jeopardy!'' responses PRESIDENTS
Cookie crumbs for gummy worms DIRT
Difficult duty ONUS
Dining table container SALTCELLAR
Display device EASEL
Economical LEAN
Efficiency inspection AUDIT
Equinox-to-equinox division SOLARMONTH
Eyesore BLOT
Hamilton half FIN
Hare hunter LYNX
Her ''Live'' tour ended at Wembley ADELE
Hot __ MESS
Hub at Harborside Drive, 02128 LOGAN
Hummingbird drawings SIPS
IQ alternative for Mensa admission SAT
Like some theater lines SUNG
Like-minded acknowledgement SODOI
Literature's self-styled ''poor pegging lubber'' AHAB
Mast on the move CARANTENNA
Clues Answers
Mega-mega TERA
Mineral used in capacitors MICA
Mining camp fixtures SALOONS
More than ready AGOG
Mythic figure symbolized by a vulture ARES
Name above Theda on a Silent Screen star stamp sheet LON
Nifty FAB
OK (to) ABLE
Paw part PAD
Performance plan SETLIST
Pickled piece on antipasto platters CAPER
Product sold by Fatworks LARD
Prototype for playing with BETA
Put to bed STOP
Puts to bed ENDS
Quite excited, new-style TURNT
Range alternative ROVE
Royal Mail deliverers POSTIES
Sculpture on a necklace TIKI
Seminole Wars supplier (c. 1840) COLT
Sheet __ CAKES
Source of steadiness BRACE
Swung, as batters STROKED
Take part in an exchange ARGUE
They may be personal BESTS
Too sentimental OVERTENDER
Treacherous one VIPER
Two-wheeler's spindle AXLE
Two-wheeler, ''sans moteur'' VELO
Very much BADLY
Was a buttinsky INTERLOPED
What many Hyatts have ATRIA
What some bylaws include AGERESTRICTIONS
What some relays are made of LAPS
You're reading it now THIS