Irish Times (Simplex) - Mar 7 2020

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Clues Answers
''... child is full of grace'' TUESDAYS
Accelerating, expediting HASTENING
An indeterminate date in the future SOMETIME
Believe to be guilty, but without proof SUSPECT
Books of maps ATLASES
Colouring stick CRAYON
Dislike intensely HATE
Distant, out-of-the-way REMOTE
Evil or morally wrong WICKED
Fixed so as not to give way SECURE
Free from dirt CLEAN
From which something springs SOURCE
Group of planes, ships or cars FLEET
Imperial land measurement ACRE
Indefinitely short time MOMENT
Marine creature with stinging tentacles JELLYFISH
Occurrences, happenings EVENTS
Physics and chemistry, say SCIENCES
Clues Answers
Pleasant odour SCENT
Pressing, imperative URGENT
Recompense REWARD
Scandinavian kingdom SWEDEN
Secretion to attract pollinators NECTAR
Sharp tips on a stem THORNS
Small arthropods INSECTS
Sole, only LONE
Study of stars and planets ASTRONOMY
Swallow up completely ENGULF
Tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged INERTIA
The right of possessing something OWNERSHIP
They refer to people, places and things NOUNS
They stand instead of 26ac PRONOUNS
Tranquil, placid CALM
Tube with a cone-shaped opening FUNNEL
Upright pillar COLUMN
Whim or fancy NOTION