Universal - Mar 2 2020

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Clues Answers
"Give ___ rest!" ITA
"___ Good at Goodbyes" (Sam Smith song) TOO
A child may jump into one LEAFPILE
Adult ed. course ESL
Annapolis initials USNA
Bible book before James, alphabetically ISAIAH
Bird on a quarter EAGLE
Bluffer's giveaway TELL
Braided hair PLAIT
Bring a smile to AMUSE
Campaign barometer POLL
Certain breath mints CERTS
Cold and dreary BLEAK
Confused ATSEA
Crunchyroll cartoon genre ANIME
Dr. Seuss's environmentalist LORAX
Elbow room SPACE
Exam given in H.S PSAT
Feeling at a tedious lecture BOREDOM
Flour producer MILL
Food fight sound SPLAT
Forest canopy TREETOPS
Former plug-in Chevy VOLT
Get more mileage from REUSE
Get wind of HEAR
Give off EMIT
Harshly criticize SLAM
High excitement about remodeling kitchen storage? CABINETFEVER
High-five sound SLAP
Hit the backspace ke ERASE
Hurled THREW
Inbox filler EMAIL
Key on an old cash register NOSALE
Leave out OMIT
Left the stage EXITED
Marked by a twang NASAL
Minuscule WEE
Network on the telly BBC
No. that never starts with TEL
Clues Answers
NYC club in a Manilow hit COPA
O'Rourke of Texas BETO
Often-nasty review RANT
Omaha's state: Abbr NEB
One may be five-alarm CHILI
Opera highlight ARIA
Outspoken VOCAL
Pilot-licensing org FAA
Pop singer Brickell EDIE
Ready to pour ONTAP
Reclusive one LONER
Requests ASKS
Rink surface ICE
Rite Aid rival CVS
River mammal OTTER
Rodents with miniature Revolutionary War weapons? MUSKETRATS
Send in payment REMIT
Setting LOCALE
Shoe woe SCUFF
Siamese, nowadays THAI
Slippery swimmers EELS
Small piano tuner? SPINETDOCTOR
Snug bug's "home" RUG
Sobs loudly BAWLS
South Pacific carving TIKI
Split in "th _ _ _ _ y" or "d _ _ _ _ ing"? RIFT
Squabble TIFF
String tie BOLO
Summer footwear SANDALS
Suspect's defense ALIBI
Sway of a French impressionist? MANETPOWER
Taxi expense FARE
Terse meeting request SEEME
Thieves' hideout LAIR
Think tank product IDEA
Tool for digging furrows HOE
Tuition and others FEES
Utter rubbish ROT
Vittles EATS