Canadiana - Mar 2 2020

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Clues Answers
Affaires d'honneur DUELS
Annex ELL
Apples, ME POMES
Body part ARM
Child's play? TAG
Concern CARE
Cut off LOP
Decay ROT
Edison's middle name ALVA
Fastener SNAP
Fencing swords EPEES
Fools SAPS
Forked forms CROTCHES
Free, naut ATRIP
French coin SOU
Gas mask inventor MCPHERSON
Gipsies, var GIPS
Give yourself ____ ASHAKE
Hawaiian garland LEI
Healing plant ALOE
Hockey Player, Danny GARE
Insult SLUR
Invented by 36 across NEWSPRINT
Invented by 42 Down TELEPHONE
Inventor of 15 TUMBALL
Inventor of 16 Across FENERTY
Inventor of 43 Across BELL
Israeli airline, for short ELAL
Italian coin LIRA
Clues Answers
Jackass GOOF
Kind of sandwich HERO
Lamb's dam EWE
Lennon's lady ONO
Look lasciviously LEER
Low level waste, abbr LLW
Make angry RILE
Norse Goddess ELLI
Officer Candidate Sch OCS
On the lee side ALEE
Outlying community SUBURB
Palm leaf paper OLA
Partner of dit DOT
Pass away DIE
Picture, for short PIC
Pitcher, Tom HENKE
Reproaches RAPS
Reverence AWE
River of France ARLES
Salt, in Verdun SEL
Simple fraction HALF
Skin disease ACNE
Snitched TOLD
St. Jean or la Biche LAC
Telegram, for short TEL
Tennis stroke LOB
Ubiquitous beverage TEA
Variable pitch prop VPP
Vessel URN
Whitney or Lilly ELI
____land LALA