Wall Street Journal - Mar 2 2020 - Twisted Threads

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Clues Answers
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” star Redmayne EDDIE
“Nothin’ ___!” DOIN
“So Big” author Ferber EDNA
“The King ___” ANDI
“To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper LEE
“Whether ___ nobler in the mind to suffer...”: Hamlet TIS
Amy Klobuchar’s state: Abbr MINN
Barbecue rods SPITS
Bard’s river AVON
Before, in verses ERE
Big gulp SWIG
Bikini blast, briefly NTEST
Bout of bacchanalia ORGY
Brake parts PADS
Brand for boxers ALPO
Bringing to mind EVOKING
Bull, in Barcelona TORO
Charged particle ION
Clear writing? ERASE
Clickable picture ICON
Clumsy INEPT
College leaders DEANS
Coup d’___ ETAT
Creator of Kanga and Roo MILNE
Doesn’t ignore HEEDS
Drove 90 in a 75 zone SPED
Expense COST
Fit for duty ABLE
Fizzling firecracker DUD
Fri. preceder THU
Good judgment SENSE
Govt. prosecutors DAS
Green tea, vitamin D and amino acids, for example DIETSUPPLEMENTS
Horse race pace, sometimes TROT
In the style of, in cookbooks ALA
Inventor’s inkling IDEA
It’s true FACT
Clues Answers
Joe without the jolt DECAF
Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren, e.g.: Abbr SEN
Labor Day mo SEPT
Lively folk dance REEL
Make amends ATONE
Minor problem SNAG
Montana’s capital HELENA
Most despicable VILEST
Mournful ELEGIAC
Neighbor of Nepal INDIA
Nobel Peace Prize winner Wiesel ELIE
Official language of Pakistan URDU
Pampering place SPA
Parting word ADIEU
Payment to a breeder STUDFEE
Perform some publishing house work EDITAMANUSCRIPT
Playbill listings ROLES
Prepare for the judge’s entrance RISE
Privy to INON
Puts two and two together ADDS
Really nervous, and a hint to the circled words TIEDUPINKNOTS
Roads with nos RTES
Romeo or Juliet, for example LOVER
Salvador the surrealist DALI
Sequoia or sycamore TREE
Sheet material LINEN
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Spreadsheet features ROWS
Spring LEAP
Swashbuckler’s challenge DUEL
Topic of a golf lesson GRIP
Tranquil practice YOGA
University in the Bronx FORDHAM
Visa balance, for example DEBT
Wed in secret ELOPE
What the nose knows ODOR
Where to wear un chapeau TETE
Yahoo! alternative MSN