The Sun - Two Speed - Mar 2 2020

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Clues Answers
Alehouse TAVERN
At some point held in immigration centre ONCE
Be left secure in Ulster city BELFAST
Championship TITLE
Chicken in vessel crossing river CAPON
Child minder NANNY
Christian messengers APOSTLES
Clothes appear torn on student APPAREL
Concealed single theologian in feathery layer? HIDDEN
Crumple with pain double up
Cut gemstone surface FACET
D-d-dog watching nether regions? CERBERUS
Driller dies — TNT unstable DENTIST
Dry ground FINE
Even rat cooked for old soldier VETERAN
Experienced VETERAN
Feature expert in business paper FACET
Financial penalty FINE
Floating marker BUOY
Frozen rain event ice storm
Garments APPAREL
Goat for Mary Poppins? NANNY
Her Majesty's Latin title REGINA
Hobby or interest PURSUIT
Ill-mannered BOORISH
In goalless game, United better OUTDO
In the past ONCE
Italian red CHIANTI
Clues Answers
Keen listener gathers tips on grapevine EAGER
Lancashire location BOLTON
Male name ROGER
Metropolis CITY
Moore for one is okay ROGER
Nasal aperture NOSTRIL
Northern Irish capital BELFAST
Note on tax returned in pub TAVERN
Opening right inside tonsil repaired NOSTRIL
Plates so arranged for Last Supper men APOSTLES
Poultry item CAPON
Purist crashed round bend in cycle race PURSUIT
Queen in rage when drunk REGINA
Rough Russian outside old hotel BOORISH
Run as horse given start on town BOLTON
Some complicit youth in large town CITY
Song about one island wine CHIANTI
Surpass OUTDO
Taken from Poirot, it lends book name TITLE
Three-headed canine of myth CERBERUS
Tom cries out in severe weather phenomenon ice storm
Tooth doctor DENTIST
Turner in hall at Henley LATHE
Twin at university to share room double up
Wood-shaping device LATHE
Young man called out for lift BUOY
Zealous EAGER