- Mar 1 2020

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Clues Answers
''Bad'' cholesterol, for short LDL
''Be glad to'' YES
''Chicago'' star GERE
''Hide'' and ''seek'' VERBS
''Not so loud!'' HOLDITDOWN
''Peter Pan'' pirate SMEE
''Reverse the charges'' service COLLECTCALL
''South Park'' kid ERIC
''To hazard a guess . . .'' IDSAY
''Wonderful!'' GREAT
''X-Files'' agent DANA
Account exec REP
Accounting inspection AUDIT
Actress Stone SHARON
Any Lead Actress Emmy nominee TVSTAR
Aromatherapy locale SPA
At any point EVER
Avert misfortune SAVETHEDAY
Be overdramatic EMOTE
Bear in constellations URSA
Becomes sunny CLEARS
Bouquet holder VASE
Box score stat RBI
Brainstorming offering IDEA
Brings to the dinner table SERVES
Brown shades TANS
Calf-roping loop NOOSE
Chef assistant's activity PREPWORK
Common sci-fi character ALIEN
Commotion ADO
Complained, as cattle MOOED
Consult for assistance ASK
Cop's quarry, informally PERP
Daily temperature stats LOWS
Deliver a tirade RANT
Desert formations DUNES
Desert refuge OASIS
Dog walker's purchase LEASH
Drags from behind TOWS
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Electric car make TESLA
Erected BUILT
Exchanged rings WED
Fills with joy ELATES
Filmmaking brothers COENS
Finch family creator LEE
Fire starter MATCH
Fixed look STARE
Fizzled firecracker DUD
Flax fabric LINEN
Flooring piece TILE
Fuel holder TANK
Future stallion COLT
Get some air INHALE
Giggling sound TEHEE
Goes camping, say ROUGHSIT
Grade around 78 CPLUS
Great white shark cousin MAKO
Gucci of fashion ALDO
Handed-down folk wisdom LORE
Hang down DROOP
Harry Potter's pal RON
Having a lot to say CHATTY
Having the know-how ABLE
Hollows between hills VALES
Horse's pace GAIT
Hot cocoa ingredient MILK
Houseplant spot SILL
Impressive assortment ARRAY
In abundance GALORE
Increase for approximation ROUNDUPTO
Keenly attentive ALERT
Kept pace in a drill MARCHED
Clues Answers
Legal wrong TORT
Legendary frontiersman BOONE
Licorice-flavored herb ANISE
Literary spoof SATIRE
Low-lying wetland SWALE
Make amends ATONE
Make revisions to EDIT
Margin for error LEEWAY
Microwave setting THAW
Mower maker DEERE
Multilayered sandwich CLUB
Nature photographer Adams ANSEL
Nile dam site ASWAN
Obviously eager AGOG
Of the pre-Easter season LENTEN
Operatic rendition ARIA
Outback bird EMU
Outburst often blessed ACHOO
Passover feast SEDER
Perry Mason creator GARDNER
Picnic beverage COLA
Picnicked, say ATE
Place for picnicking PARK
Places to vote POLLS
Point toward AIMAT
Pop singer Paula ABDUL
Potpourri pouches SACHETS
Prestigious prize NOBEL
Prevent misbehavior from KEEPINLINE
Pupil's place EYE
QB's successes TDS
Rainbow display HUES
Reads closely (over) PORES
Regard as true ACCEPT
Remain unused GATHERDUST
Retailer's refund alternative STORECREDIT
Ringo's All-__ Band STARR
Ruffians THUGS
San __ Obispo, CA LUIS
Sanctified HOLY
Savory stimulus ODOR
School corridor HALL
Sculpted form TORSO
Semisynthetic fabrics RAYONS
Short message NOTE
Sign of autumn HARVESTMOON
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Slip into DON
Some square dancers GALS
Something to pick up SLACK
Split apart SEVER
Spouses MATES
Step in development STAGE
Step in development PHASE
Talked into SOLD
Tech support callers USERS
Temporal brink EVE
Thick carpeting SHAG
To this day YET
Toaster's need GLASS
Traveling acting company TROUPE
Treacherous one SNAKE
Tulsan, for instance OKIE
Up and about ASTIR
Upper arm muscle TRICEPS
Very impressed INAWE
Wall Street venue STOCKMARKET
Wharton's Ethan FROME
Wheel and deal TRADE
Where van Gogh did ''Sunflowers'' ARLES
Worship from __ AFAR
Yale student ELI
__ pants (baggy trousers) HAREM