- Feb 28 2020

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Clues Answers
''98 pour cent de'' 60 Down EAU
''Additif au'' 60 Down LAIT
''Amazing Grace,'' for one WALTZ
''Arabian Nights'' name ALI
''Don't tell a soul'' ITSVERYHUSHHUSH
''How comfy!'' AAH
''Not to mention . . .'' ALSO
''Vino'' category BLANCO
''__ Club'' (alternate puzzle title) FOURH
''__ will be done . . .'' THY
Air freshener option SCENT
Alexander Pope product ESSAY
Amin, e.g UGANDAN
Appeal to ASK
Beautify DOUP
Boosted, as from a store STOLE
Booted from power DEPOSED
Brit's holiday VAC
Burrito cousins WRAPS
Cell phone case alternative SKIN
Common race-car decal STP
Community center RECHALL
Comparatively friendly NICER
Comparatively unfriendly ICIER
Designation like Inc LLC
Disambiguation request WHICHISWHICH
Dutch-owned island ARUBA
Finishes a flight LANDS
Gets into hot water BATHES
Got the ''W'' WON
Grazing ground LEA
Greet heartily HAIL
High water mark ACME
Hunk of some cakes TIER
Kernel holder EAR
Lift or line preceder AIR
Locality AREA
Luau staple POI
Managed care grps HMOS
Clues Answers
Morphed into BECAME
No nickname for Twist OLLIE
One way to jump competitively SKI
Parisian beverage CAFE
Personal affront DIS
Peruvian of old INCA
Pointed summits SPIRES
Quickness HASTE
River herring SHAD
Road roller TIRE
Roof sealers TARS
Scam Tracker agcy BBB
Scrolling key PGUP
Search for treasure, perhaps DIG
Seating guides USHERS
Seek redress SUE
Sewing basket contents PINS
Soft drink that sounds like a boot NEHI
Sort of savings plan IRA
Sphere of influence AMBIT
Squirrel away STASH
Stop for the ''Bounty'' TAHITI
Synagogue celebration ROSHHASHANAH
Talent show participant ACT
Talk host Meyers SETH
Too matter-of-fact DRY
Toward the center INWARD
Ultimate ordinal NTH
Unusable divisor ZERO
Up-high habitat AERIE
Urban transporter BUS
USPS assignment RTE
Ving's wife in ''Pulp Fiction'' UMA
WarnerMedia channel HBO
Wedges and stilettos HIGHHEELEDSHOES
Western Wine Train region NAPA
What a dusty car might say WASHME
What a sock covers ANKLE
Wrapped for warmth SHAWLED