New York Times - Feb 28 2020

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Clues Answers
'Because of ___-Dixie' (2000 award-winning children's book) WINN
'Gotcha' ISEE
'Holy moly!' EGAD
'I'm blushing!' OHSTOP
'You can't make me!' IDONTWANNA
1955 novel with the line 'It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight' LOLITA
2013 disaster film with a cult following SHARKNADO
About .4% of the weight of the human body NACL
Amenity in many a picnic box WETNAP
Assemblage ARRAY
Bottling up CONTAINING
Bread enricher BRAN
Celle-là, across the Pyrenees ESA
Common middle name LEE
Controls, of a sort PLACEBOS
Crackerjack ADEPT
Dangerous places DEATHTRAPS
Discharge EMIT
Dress style MAXI
Driving hazards POTHOLES
Edited, as a film RECUT
Equal ___ PAY
Exhibits at an exhibition ART
Field added to the I.R.S.'s Form 1040 in 2019 EMAIL
Fire a second time RELIGHT
Give out cash freely MAKEITRAIN
Group of stars ALIST
Help wanted sign SOS
It may get a good licking OREO
Its scientific name is Bufo bufo TOAD
Kanga's kid ROO
Karaoke need MIC
Labor of love? ODE
Clues Answers
Lead-in to light TWI
Like many Egyptian pyramids LOOTED
Lone Star State sch UTEP
N.T. book after Galatians EPH
On ___ (without a firm commitment) SPEC
One-named singer with the 2006 hit 'Smack That' AKON
Org. that holds many conferences NCAA
Part of a bathhouse SAUNA
Pays (up) ANTES
Pine, for one SCENT
Prohibition-era guns GATS
Proselytizer EVANGELIST
Royal Navy letters HMS
See the seasons pass quickly? BINGEWATCH
Separated couple with kids, say COPARENTS
Slight problem SNAG
Some farm births FOALS
Something that requires thinking inside the box? ESCAPEROOM
Something Winnie-the-Pooh lacks PANTS
Sows and cows FEMALES
Spa job, informally MANI
Stones that diffract light OPALS
Store one inside another NEST
They're often high, but never dry SEAS
Those who practice energy medicine HEALERS
Twins, e.g BEDS
Upper part of a cruise ship SUNDECK
What mustache-twirling might suggest EVIL
When repeated, a reproof TUT
Z4 and i3 BMWS
Zippo NADA
___ boom SONIC
___ nova BOSSA