The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8213

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Clues Answers
Asian country INDIA
Causing fear or excitement spine-tingling
City of Cyprus NICOSIA
Complain peevishly WHINGE
Coniferous tree LARCH
Cycle BIKE
East African country KENYA
Eg, clock TIMER
Existing in name only NOMINAL
Expose to danger RISK
Face concealer VEIL
Island near Naples ISCHIA
Clues Answers
Law enforcers POLICE
Not denominational non-sectarian
One of the Muses CLIO
Principal canvas sheet on ship MAINSAIL
Recognised KNOWN
Scot who held land from the king THANE
Two-footed BIPEDAL
Two-piece swimsuit BIKINI
US hotel porter BELLHOP
US state capital INDIANAPOLIS