Universal - Feb 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"Be ___ way!" THAT
"Challenge accepted!" ... testing, testing ... gah, try this clue: Carry out a plan BRINGITOFF
"Didn't I tell you?" SEE
"Ratatouille" rat REMY
"Really?" ISIT
"Strange to say ..." ODDLY
"The Matrix" hero NEO
"The Odd Couple" neatnik FELIX
"Yentl" setting SHTETL
"You dig?" reply IMHIP
(Get off my lawn!) GRR
Actress Anderson LONI
All things considered ... testing, testing ... never mind, try this clue: Unstable OFFBALANCE
Annoying criticism, informally GRIEF
Assume responsibility for ... testing, testing ... forget it, try this clue: Become very popular TAKEOFF
Bill in a tip jar ONE
Cattle call? MOO
Caveman-style diet PALEO
Coffee shop top LID
Completely used up ALLGONE
Compose PEN
Cry after a punch OOF
D.C. fundraising group PAC
Dancer de Mille AGNES
Dungeons & Dragons and others, in brief RPGS
F on a test? FALSE
Florida theme park EPCOT
Furry frolicker OTTER
Ga. airport code ATL
General idea GIST
Gobble (up) SNARF
Greek alphabet ender OMEGA
Hit show letters SRO
Humble homes HUTS
Ice rink jump AXEL
In a weird way EERILY
Jump scare, for one, in horror movies TROPE
Kind of processor MULTICORE
Clues Answers
Kiss wrapping FOIL
Latin list ender ETAL
Lead-in to "center" EPI
Location SITE
Look of contempt SNEER
Make, as a living EARN
Mishandle FUMBLE
Mom's mom GRAN
Nota ___ BENE
Oil company with a triangular logo CITGO
One may go downhill SKIER
Opera text LIBRETTO
Oscar winner Tatum ONEAL
Paella spice SAFFRON
Pelvic bones ILIA
Pulled (in) REINED
Readily available ... testing, testing ... rats, try this clue: Casual, as a remark OFFHAND
Red Sox, on sports tickers BOS
Said "Guilty," say PLED
Seek advice ASK
Something to take in protest KNEE
Substantial MEATY
SWAT team command ... testing, testing ... aargh, try this clue: Begin successfully GETOFFTHEGROUND
Taken by mouth ORAL
Venture FORAY
Very pale ASHEN
Villainous Vader DARTH
Viola's love ORSINO
Vogue alternative ELLE
Woman in Progressive ads FLO
www.example.com, e.g URL
Yellowfin tuna AHI
Your peeps FAM
Zero personality? OPERATOR
Zilch NONE
___ in the ointment FLY
___-rock ALT