New York Times - Feb 27 2020

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Clues Answers
'Aladdin' parrot IAGO
'Ciao!' LATER
'Darn it!' NERTS
'I, Claudius' role NERO
'Swell!' NEAT
'What's the ___?' POINT
'You win' ILOSE
'___ #1!' WERE
A dreadful state, with 'the' PITS
A pair TO
Amazonas and others RIOS
Angel dust PCP
Bar orders ALES
Big fly at the ballpark HOMER
Big name in cosmetics ALMAY
Bill of Rights defender, in brief ACLU
Bit of baby talk GOOGOO
British brew since 1777 BASS
Buildup during vacation MAIL
Camper driver RVER
Certain rough patches BRIARS
Company division ARM
Crucial KEY
Dracula accessory CAPE
Early challenge for Barack and Michelle Obama, for short LSAT
Fannie ___ MAE
Fearsome part of a Jabberwock CLAW
Fruit part that's thrown away STEM
Go off, but not without a hitch? ELOPE
Go to extremes, foodwise FAST
Hall-of-Fame hitter Rod CAREW
Hi or lo follower RES
Hole puncher AWL
Hollows GLENS
Iridescent stones OPALS
Item in a beach bag RADIO
Ivy seen along the Schuylkill River UPENN
Jargon LINGO
Clues Answers
Java neighbor BALI
Joan ___, player of Pat Nixon in 1995's 'Nixon' ALLEN
Layers of stone MASONS
Leo or Libra SIGN
Like the boys in 'Lord of the Flies' MAROONED
Locale of the 2018, 2020 and 2022 Olympics ASIA
Madras wrap SARI
Mantra chants OS
Many a middle schooler TEEN
Old phone features DIALS
One of the Twelve Apostles ANDREW
Opposite of masc FM
Oval thing in the Oval Office RUG
Palindromic term of address MAAM
Part of Indochina LAOS
Popcorn container TUB
Possible reactions to shocks OWS
Pronoun that can ask a question WHO
Puts up ERECTS
Quantum mechanics thought experiment in which contradictory states exist simultaneously SCHRODINGERSCAT
Recent recruits, so to speak NEWBLOOD
Sets straight TRUES
Sleeper hits, perhaps BSIDES
Sounds that can startle BOOS
Streak RUN
Surgery to improve how you look? LASIK
Tablet one might take before going to bed? IPAD
The Kaaba in Mecca, e.g SHRINE
Underground workers MINERS
Usefulness WORTH
Welcome site? MAT
With 16-Across, travel internationally CROSS
With 55-Across, breakup line INEED
YouTube data VIEWS
Zenith TP