New York Times - Feb 26 2020

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Clues Answers
'Check it out ... I'll wait here' GOANDSEE
'On the internet, nobody knows you're ___' (classic New Yorker cartoon caption) ADOG
'Star Trek' role for Takei SULU
'The ___ Squad' MOD
'We've Only Just ___' BEGUN
'___ to remember ...' ISEEM
11 U.S. presidents of the 20th century belonged to it GOP
2006 #1 Shakira hit HIPSDONTLIE
Actor Morales ESAI
Actress O'Hara with a Tony for 'The King and I' KELLI
Airport about 28 miles from Disneyland Paris ORLY
Anise-flavored aperitif PERNOD
Arranged artfully, as fabric DRAPED
Art technique that's French for 'fools the eye' TROMPELOEIL
Artificial, as some modern pop vocals AUTOTUNED
Avail oneself of Vail? SKI
Award notably won in each of the 'big four' categories by this puzzle's honoree GRAMMY
Bellyached MOANED
Butler's 'Gladly' ASYOUWISH
Car rental add-on GPS
Chatters YAKS
Chocolaty sundae topping HOTFUDGE
Creatures in Tolkien's Fangorn Forest ENTS
Designer letters YSL
Eager AGOG
Early afternoon hour TWOPM
Easily influenced person TOOL
Feature of a Manx cat NOTAIL
Film with a famous chariot race BENHUR
Gait slower than a gallop TROT
Gal pal of Dennis the Menace GINA
Get situated ORIENT
Having no musical key ATONAL
Hit song by the 1-Across winner whose name is spelled out by the final three letters of 21-, 25-, 47- and 52-Across BADGUY
Hoda of morning TV KOTB
Clues Answers
Ill-tempered SURLY
Janet of 'Psycho' LEIGH
Krazy ___ KAT
Leaders of Canadian provinces PREMIERS
Maker of the old Dreamcast game console SEGA
Merit RATE
Ochoa in the World Golf Hall of Fame LORENA
Old airline with a globe in its logo PANAM
Part of m.p.h PER
Peaceful pastoral scene IDYLL
Peeling potatoes as punishment, maybe ONKP
Pitches in HELPS
Poker giveaway TELL
Relative of a cricket KATYDID
Rolled-up grass SOD
Score early in the game, often ONEALL
Short hairstyle BOB
Soft ___ (flattery) SOAP
Some ways off AFAR
Squirrel's favorite tree, maybe OAK
Surf sound ROAR
Swear is true ATTESTTO
Swimming pool measurement DEPTH
Take hold of GRAB
Terse admission IDID
Test that's all talk ORAL
Texting format, for short SMS
The Iams logo depicts one PAW
Thick hairstyle SHAG
Things used with some frequency? RADIOS
Toy brand with plastic figures PLAYMOBIL
Voting nay ANTI
What socks come in PAIRS
Word after high, heavy or seven SEAS
Yoko whose work is sometimes described as 17-Across ONO
___ Center (Chicago skyscraper) AON
___-Japanese War RUSSO