USA Today - Apr 15 2020

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Clues Answers
#TransCrowdFund, for one HASHTAG
'Another cold one, please' BEERME
'Make it snappy!' ASAP
'See if you can do better!' TOPTHAT
'___ Baby' (Tochi Onyebuchi novel) RIOT
'___ day now!' ANY
Actress Mowry TIA
Ancient Egyptian ruler PHARAOH
Auction unit LOT
Besides that ELSE
Bills featuring Hamilton TENS
Book of maps ATLAS
Brand of peanut butter cups REESES
Canoe or ferry BOAT
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Celebration following the main event AFTERPARTY
Chicago soccer team FIRE
Constellation with a belt ORION
Corn maze measure ACRE
Country north of Jordan SYRIA
Crows' homes NESTS
Diner seating choice BOOTH
Drives away REPELS
Dust-filtering appliance AIRPURIFIER
Eggs in ikura don ROE
Fashion designer Chung ALEXA
Garment with a cape DURAG
Gemstone measure CARAT
Get better HEAL
Given the cold shoulder SNUBBED
Has a bawl WEEPS
Hog food SLOP
Improvised jazz style SCAT
In the thick of AMID
Instrument similar to the piccolo FIFE
Inventor Nikola with a namesake scientific unit TESLA
June celebration PRIDE
Kansas-to-Missouri direction EAST
Leaves the stage EXITS
Clues Answers
Less approachable ICIER
Liberate FREE
Little ones TYKES
Makeup of some beehives HAIR
More approachable NICER
Mortarboard attachment TASSEL
Mr. ___ (counselor in 'Holes') SIR
Objectives AIMS
Obnoxious people ASSES
Ooh and ___ AAH
Part of LGBTQIA, for short ACE
Pentathlon swords EPEES
Place to get a deep tissue massage SPA
Playful bite NIP
Possible alternative to a CT scan MRI
Protective covering ARMORPLATE
Provide banquet food CATER
Radiates EMITS
Record label for Alicia Keys RCA
Seller's figure ASKINGPRICE
Shoo-___ (obvious winners) INS
Shows up REPORTS
Significant time periods ERAS
Slip up ERR
Snowman in 'Frozen' OLAF
Some band releases LPS
Spot covered by a knee sock SHIN
Strait-___ LACED
Sugar pill, e.g PLACEBO
Sweeping camera shot PAN
Takes a break RESTS
Terminus of Chicago's Blue Line OHARE
Thunderstruck feeling AWE
Title holder CHAMP
Transmission components GEARS
Truck brand with a horned logo RAM
WNBA official REF
www.wesley.___ EDU
Yielding slightly to a gentle squeeze, as a peach RIPE