Jonesin' - Feb 25 2020

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Clues Answers
'Another Day on Earth' artist Brian ENO
'Good ___!' (Charlie Brown phrase) GRIEF
'Hamilton' Tony winner Leslie ___ Jr ODOM
'I've got my ___ you' EYEON
'L'Etoile du ___' (Minnesota motto) NORD
'Now I remember!' preceder OHWAIT
'Remote Control' host Ken OBER
'Right away!' STAT
'___ gonna say that!' IWAS
'___ Masters' (2020 Fox reality show) LEGO
'___: Ragnarok' (2017 Marvel film) THOR
1700, to Caesar MDCC
1995 N.L. Rookie of the Year Hideo NOMO
2020 Olympics city TOKYO
About, formally speaking INRE
Actor Cage, in tabloids NIC
Actress Fisher ISLA
Apply incorrectly MISUSE
Baby's knitted shoe BOOTEE
Bad mark STIGMA
Bars below ISBN numbers UPC
Bird's ___ soup (running joke in former HQ Trivia chats) NEST
Brewpub stuff ALE
Brit. award since 1886 DSO
Buster? NARC
Candidate's proposal PLAN
Clock sounds TICKS
Consideration REGARD
Crockpot dish STEW
Debris in a toaster CRUMBS
Diamond alternative CLUB
Disgusted remarks EWS
Dish list MENU
Distill happiness and box it up? CASETHEJOY
Dreary Milne character EEYORE
Drink machine output ICE
Feathery cattle comforter? DOWNFORTHECOW
Fort ___ National Monument SUMTER
Clues Answers
Fryolator stuff OIL
Furry neckwear BOA
Get from ___ B ATO
Get up RISE
It's near Carson City RENO
Just open AJAR
Kayak's kin CANOE
Kipling's 'Rikki-___-Tavi' TIKKI
Lacking, like a bad luau? MISSINGTHEPOI
Like family-friendly organizations? NEPOTISTIC
More bashful COYER
Official name of Seattle's MLS team SOUNDERSFC
On bended ___ KNEE
One who may leave a trail HIKER
Org. with Sharks and Predators NHL
Pivotal point AXIS
Poet-political activist Jones LEROI
Props for some movie fights SWORDS
Punta del ___ ESTE
Q-V connection RSTU
RadioShack's ___-80 computer TRS
RB's gains YDS
Renowned FAMOUS
Senseless INANE
Sibling's son NEPHEW
Sleeping-sickness vector TSETSE
Slow-moving creature SNAIL
Spanish guitarist ___ De Lucia PACO
Team on a farm OXEN
Tiniest bit IOTA
Top of the line AONE
Troy's friend on 'Community' ABED
Utah's capital, for short SLC
Winter wear with check stubs in the pockets? COATSOFPAY
Work without ___ ANET
WTO precursor GATT
Zapp Brannigan's assistant, on 'Futurama' KIF
Zodiac sign boundaries CUSPS