Universal - Feb 24 2020

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Clues Answers
"Dancing Queen" group ABBA
"The Big Bang Theory" character RAJ
'80s dance party staples kept in apt containers (first 3 + last 2) CASSETTETAPES
Abbr. in a help wanted ad EOE
Actress Vardalos NIA
Adversary FOE
Alf's home planet MELMAC
Alluded to GOTAT
Amiss OFF
Anger IRE
Antarctic waters ROSSSEA
Asian dish that's skewered before a food critic tries it SATAY
Auction offering LOT
Back in time AGO
Bad luck in love, e.g WOE
Battering ___ RAM
Bear buddy of John Bennett TED
Bear buddy of Mowgli BALOO
Bleat BAA
Boise's state: Abbr IDA
Buddhist discipline ZEN
Bungle BOTCH
Business slumps DIPS
Campus official DEAN
Car loan letters APR
Casbah cap FEZ
Clumsy sort OAF
Completely exposed NAKED
Con game SCAM
Delhi dress SARI
Dried poblano pepper ANCHO
Drops a name, say? OMITS
Either "E" in ESE EAST
Fix, as a shoe bottom RESOLE
Harangue TIRADE
Hard candies kept in apt containers (first 2 letters + last 2) JAWBREAKERS
Have the rights to OWN
Heavy jacket PEACOAT
Impress, perhaps? EMBOSS
Clues Answers
Justice Samuel ALITO
Lawyers' org ABA
Legal representation document POWEROFATTORNEY
Less decorated BARER
Less verbose TERSER
Like Santa's helpers ELFIN
Minister's home MANSE
Money, in slang MOOLA
Morning jolt sources kept in apt containers (first 1 + last 3) COFFEEBEANS
Nickname hidden in "Grand Marnier" ARNIE
Online brokerage firm ETRADE
Org. with merit badges BSA
Parsley and lovage HERBS
Prefix for "metric" GEO
Ready, as an alarm SET
Red Cross supply SERUM
Rhody the Ram's sch URI
School fundraiser grp PTA
Select group of invitees ALIST
Single silver bar wearer FIRSTLIEUTENANT
Situated above ATOP
Sleek design prefix AERO
Some turns on the road LEFTS
Sore wrist application ICEBAG
Southwestern brick ADOBE
Suffix for "sea" or "moon" SCAPE
Timeline segment ERA
Tina of "30 Rock" FEY
Trained for a marathon RAN
Try to tear RIPAT
Unlikely to thrive in group settings SHY
Upper massage target SCALP
Vowelless PC key CTRL
Wears away ERODES
Word before "force" or "the Force" USE
Words after an estimate ORSO
www.stanford.___ EDU
___ brulee CREME
___ de parfum EAU