Family Time - Feb 24 2020

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Clues Answers
"After that ..." THEN
"Be it ___ so humble Г%82..." EVER
"Get away!" SHOO
"How impressive!" OOH
"Takes ___ to know ..." ONE
"___ the type of guy that ..." HES
'84 Olympics no-show USSR
African creature with a white beard GNU
Aggressive poker player RAISER
Amateur? No, U-turn PRO
An Asian capital HANOI
Any boat or airplane CRAFT
Area below Greenwich Village SOHO
Bank offering LOAN
Bard's "always" EER
Be quite sore ACHE
Belonging to the dude with the mustache HIS
Bird's abode NEST
Cabbagelike plant KALE
Cheesy dish FONDUE
Churchgoer's donation TITHE
City in India AGRA
Color lightly TINT
Company symbol LOGO
Complete attention CONCENTRATION
Composer Johann Sebastian BACH
Convert into currency CASH
Cookie for some sundaes OREO
D.C. group with eyes everywhere CIA
Feverish ILL
Flowing 13-Across garment SARI
Foldable bed COT
Clues Answers
Four-stringed instruments UKES
Hardware store chain ACE
Has a pinball violation TILTS
In the manner of ALA
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Job detail, for short SPEC
Like completed cupcakes ICED
Long before today AGO
Mattress support unit SLAT
Mountain whose Greek name means "I burn" ETNA
Nautical left PORT
Oscar-winning role for Streep SOPHIE
Phrased in new words REWROTE
Pivot around SLUE
Places of construction SITES
Quiet again, as a persistent squeak REOIL
Ready for the washer DIRTY
Russo of movies RENE
Sailing on the Pacific Ocean ASEA
Scattered seeds STREWED
Scream if something scurries across your foot EEK
Some pitching stats ERAS
That lady selling lemonade SHE
Thing at a birthday party BALLOON
Tighten, as an aspirin bottle RESEAL
Time long past YORE
Trout's place LAKE
Type of terrier SCOTTIE
Wander about ROVE
Your future car is on one LOT
___ Arbor, Michigan ANN
___ polloi (general population) HOI