- Feb 23 2020

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Clues Answers
$5 bills ABES
''And away __!'' WEGO
''I'll take that as __'' ANO
''In my wild dreams'' IWISH
''Real Time'' host on HBO MAHER
''__ for Evidence'' (Grafton novel) EIS
''__ gonna do about it?'' WHATCHA
''__ not amused'' WEARE
'90s Britcom ABFAB
A fifth of MX CCII
Admiral's armada FLEET
Adversary of the Avengers LOKI
Andean nation PERU
Aqua __ (strong acid) REGIA
Arafat successor ABBAS
As __ resort ALAST
Auspices EGIS
Available if needed ONTAP
Aware of ONTO
Bands of brothers FRATS
Banquet job MCING
Bar of soap CAKE
Barrel of laughs YUKFEST
Battle river of 1914 MARNE
Become entangled SNAG
Bestower of PG's and R's, formerly MPAA
Bit of land in a river ISLET
Bite-size sandwich MINIOREO
Bounces about BOBS
British blade SABRE
Buttercup cousin PEONY
California almond brand BLUEDIAMOND
Camping accommodations TENTBEDS
Celebrated period ERA
Charter NATO member BELG
Clark Kent colleague OLSEN
Close __ (approach) INON
Common quote attribution ANON
Count of jazz fame BASIE
Crooner's rendition BALLAD
Cylindrical lunch CHICKENWRAP
Detrimental ILL
Diplomatic establishment EMBASSY
Director Gus Van __ SANT
Disguises (as noun or verb) MASKS
Disorder, in thermodynamics ENTROPY
Do as you're told OBEY
Dutch South Africans BOERS
Embarrassing commotion SCENE
Euro predecessor in Palermo LIRA
Farfalle, at a trattoria BOWTIEPASTA
Feathery scarves BOAS
Find believable ACCEPT
First in ''Who's Who in the Bible'' AARON
Fresh talk SASS
Frosty coating HOAR
GM make since 1908 BUICK
Goes on the lam FLEES
Grouchy ones OGRES
Half of 55 Down POORS
Handled clumsily PAWED
Have no use for DETEST
High-debt Wall St. deals LBOS
Hip-hop dudes BBOYS
Hog call SOOEY
Honduras' hemisphere NORTHERN
Clues Answers
Honey bunch BEES
Hose-clamp fastener TBOLT
Innately BORN
Input again RETYPE
Intention AIM
Ireland nickname ERIN
Journalist Farrow RONAN
Keep anyone from entering SEALOFF
Legendary Indy champ AJFOYT
Linger TARRY
Lodge letters BPOE
Lorna of literature DOONE
Low ''número'' TRES
Male whales BULLS
Mascara mishap SMEAR
Math procedures, for short ALGOS
Meadowlark cousin BOBOLINK
Military guardians SENTRIES
Mine extractions ORES
Modem measures BAUDS
Most miscellaneous MOTLIEST
Much of ''Deck the Halls'' LALAS
Multi-rack roast CROWNOFLAMB
Nation split in 2011 SUDAN
Needing a fill-up LOW
No longer fizzy FLAT
Nonmember OUTSIDER
Norse pantheon AESIR
Novelist O'Brien EDNA
Orchestral contingent OBOES
Participated, with ''in'' OPTED
Poetic lament ALAS
Pop singer Iglesias JULIO
Postgame summary RECAP
Prefix like contra- ANTI
Prefix like equi- ISO
Puts the collar on NABS
Raucous NOISY
Rectangular shape OBLONG
Riverbank buildup SILT
San __ (Palo Alto neighbor) MATEO
Ship's cargo area HOLD
Ships before payment SENDSCOD
Shoppers' references LISTS
Slanted ATILT
Small fry CHILDREN
Spanish gold ELORO
Splinter group SECT
Spots of dust MOTES
Stock stat source, for short SANDP
Stuffed fungal fare MUSHROOMCAP
Swim meet practice LAPS
These, to Ruiz ESTOS
Transmission selection GEAR
Transport for Hiawatha CANOE
UCLA marching program ROTC
Unalterable destiny FATE
Underwater tracker SONAR
Vacuum ''feature'' NOAIR
Verizon's ISP AOL
Very, unfortunately ALLTOO
Vision correction acronym LASIK
Vodka/cranberry juice cocktail CAPECODDER
Western watering hole SALOON
What psis look like TRIDENTS
What surrounds some yards FENCE
With no tickets, as a driver's license CLEAN
Women's touring org LPGA
Yuletide confection RIBBONCANDY
__ up (got smart) WISED