The Washington Post - Feb 20 2020

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Clues Answers
'Good thinking!' SMART
'Grey's Anatomy' settings, for short ORS
'Hasta la vista' ADIOS
'Hasta la vista' SEEYA
'So gross!' UGH
'The Daily Show' host NOAH
'The Rookie' actress Larter ALI
33-Down's purview WHALING
Ante- PRE
Arizona landforms MESAS
Blubber FLAB
Bud from way back OLDPAL
Charged RANAT
Christmas poem opener TWAS
Cigarette ad claim LESSTAR
Club alternative BLT
Comic strip frames PANELS
Conduit created by volcanic activity LAVATUBE
Considering everything ASAWHOLE
Cooking show adjective SAVORY
Covers with goop SLIMES
Custard dessert FLAN
Deep rifts SCHISMS
Designer monogram YSL
Exacta or trifecta BET
Forklift load PALLET
Formatting menu list FONTS
Former Southeast Asian capital SAIGON
Gave a shot, say DOSED
Gumption GRIT
Hobbyist's contraption RADIOSET
Home of Minor League Baseball's Storm Chasers OMAHA
Intercepting, as at the pass HEADINGOFF
Issa of 'The Hate U Give' RAE
It's not hot long FAD
Killian's, originally REDALE
Clues Answers
Lounge around LOLL
Many AARP mems SRS
New recruits TRAINEES
Normandy city CAEN
Nos. on driver's licenses HTS
Oddball FLAKE
Ones acting badly HAMS
Passionate AVID
Path to the top WAYUP
Place to talk shop? MALL
Play with strings STRUM
Possessive pronoun HERS
Prefix with bytes or bucks MEGA
Range for a manhunt SEARCHAREA
Ready to start the day UPANDABOUT
Roundup critter STEER
Sacred chests ARKS
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Second sequel's number III
Sew a patch on, perhaps MEND
Sharp turns ZAGS
Ship owner who described Ahab as 'ungodly, god-like' PELEG
Stand buy ADE
Studio sign ONAIR
Stuffy-sounding NASAL
Succulent plant genus ALOE
Superhero acronym involving Hercules, Zeus, Achilles and three others SHAZAM
Tackled the job HADAGOATIT
Thrash WHOMP
Tons o' LOTSA
Tot's plaything ... and a feature of 17-, 25-, 48- and 59-Across STUFFEDANIMAL
TourBook-issuing org AAA
Trips where big cats are spotted SAFARIS
Want in the worst way CRAVE
Winter coat? SNOW
__ buco OSSO
__ toast MELBA