L.A. Times Daily - Feb 18 2020

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Clues Answers
"My Best Friend's Girl" rock band THECARS
"Superman" villain Luthor LEX
"To say they __ I dare not be so bold": Shakespeare ERR
"Training Day" actress Mendes EVA
"__ had it!" IVE
"__ the season ... " TIS
*Billy Crystal comedy featuring a cattle drive CITYSLICKERS
*Daily filming schedule on the set CALLSHEET
*Exact look-alike DEADRINGER
*One in la-la land SPACECADET
1960s jacket style NEHRU
Bilko's rank: Abbr SGT
Carlsbad __ National Park CAVERNS
Clear data from ERASE
Commandment verb involving parents HONOR
Comprehends GETS
Cooking spot OVEN
Correct FIX
Croat or Serb SLAV
Cunning SLY
Dancer Astaire FRED
Dealer's foil, briefly NARC
Difficult exam ORAL
Do to death OVERUSE
Family name in Mideast politics ASSAD
Feel remorse over RUE
From Lillehammer, say NORSE
Fruit grown in bogs CRANBERRY
Gnaw (at) EAT
Govt.-backed investment TNOTE
Graffiti signature TAG
Grazing area LEA
Grocery walkway AISLE
Homer's "I'm an idiot!" DOH
Hustle genre DISCO
Joule fraction ERG
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Large-scale EPIC
Clues Answers
Leave out OMIT
Like fake fruit WAXY
Like poker games for high rollers NOLIMIT
Mexican mister SENOR
Monkey relative APE
Move like a mamba SLITHER
Musical gift EAR
Nervous twitch TIC
Niño's "nothing" NADA
Noble gas XENON
North Carolina __ Heels TAR
NYC airport near Citi Field LGA
Offshore oil drillers RIGS
Provided food for CATERED
Provoke INCITE
Reasonable SANE
Revolutionary territory COLONY
Roman robe TOGA
Scout leader? ESS
See socially DATE
Slow-cooked, as short ribs BRAISED
Small takeout order ONETOGO
Soap opera genre MELODRAMA
Somewhat liberal, or where you might find the first words in the answers to starred clues LEFTOFCENTER
Sought a political seat RAN
Southern neighbor of Sask NDAK
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Stiff-upper-lip type STOIC
Tiger mascot with a red scarf TONY
Tone-__: "Wild Thing" rapper LOC
Travelocity recommendations INNS
Under, in French SOUS
Verne captain NEMO
Warning signs OMENS
Wear away, as a coin surface EFFACE
Work on a lawn MOW
Young chap LAD
[not my error] SIC
__, amas, amat .. AMO