- Feb 18 2020

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Clues Answers
''. . . borrower __ lender be'' NORA
''Arabian Nights'' sailor SINBAD
''Do __ others . . .'' UNTO
''Speed it up!'' HURRY
''That didn't hurt __'' ABIT
''Wizard of Oz'' dog TOTO
As __ as an owl WISE
Avoids, informally STEERSCLEAROF
Ball on a necklace BEAD
Before the deadline EARLY
Bit of whipped cream DAB
Blast from the __ (song oldie) PAST
Boyfriend BEAU
Bronco-riding events RODEOS
Carried, as by the wind BORNE
Cloud's location SKY
Coins in Spain EUROS
Comedy routines ACTS
Contact-lens locale EYE
Crunchy Tex-Mex food TACO
Devoured EATEN
Doll on a wedding cake BRIDE
Exasperates, informally DRIVESUPTHEWALL
Front-page articles NEWS
Have a glance at SEE
Home for protons ATOM
In a mean mood TESTY
In dreamland ASLEEP
In no time __ (instantly) ATALL
King Kong and family APES
Large stringed instrument CELLO
Least risky SAFEST
Lion's sound ROAR
Makes a mistake ERRS
Male deer STAG
Massages RUBS
Metallic rocks ORES
Milk mishap SPILL
Numbered hwys RTES
Clues Answers
Oil cartel OPEC
Otherwise ELSE
Parcel out ALLOT
Parcels (out) DOLES
Pearl producer OYSTER
Person from Copenhagen DANE
Physicians: Abbr DRS
Point of a constellation STAR
Practice for a bout SPAR
Raises, as children REARS
Really must NEEDTO
Recede, as the tide EBB
Ruby or emerald GEM
Safari or cruise TRIP
Salespersons, for short REPS
Sandwich breads RYES
Serious play DRAMA
Sharp door knock RAP
Shoe worn in snow BOOT
Sit, as for a portrait POSE
Sneaker or loafer SHOE
Stops purchasing any longer TURNSAWAYFROM
Stubborn equines MULES
Taj Mahal's country INDIA
Take a break REST
Text message ''Very funny!'' LOL
The __ (bored feeling) BLAHS
They often cross city aves STS
Ticket remnant STUB
Traditional Indian tent TEPEE
Very zealous AVID
Water around a castle MOAT
Wonderland girl ALICE
Word puzzle with pictures REBUS
Wrinkled plum PRUNE
__ a tie (require overtime) ENDIN
__ preview (early film showing) SNEAK
__ yet (so far) ASOF
__-the-minute (current) UPTO