New York Times - Feb 17 2020

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Clues Answers
'Affirmative' YES
'Columbia, the ___ of the Ocean' GEM
'Go team!' RAH
'I apologize!' OHSORRY
'La Traviata' and 'Carmen' OPERAS
'Shogun' or 'The Lord of the Rings' EPIC
'What ___!' ('It's so sloppy!') AMESS
Actor Billy ___ Williams DEE
Alternative to shoelaces VELCRO
Argentine partner dances TANGOS
Attempt TRY
Attend, as an event GOTO
Author of the memoir 'Becoming' MICHELLEOBAMA
Author of the memoir 'First Lady From Plains' ROSALYNNCARTER
Author of the memoir 'Living History' HILLARYCLINTON
Author of the memoir 'Spoken From the Heart' LAURABUSH
Author of the memoir 'The Times of My Life' BETTYFORD
Bagel topper LOX
Bakery fixtures OVENS
Barely make, with 'out' EKE
Bread for a Reuben sandwich RYE
Buddies PALS
Busy buzzer BEE
Chain-rattling sounds CLANKS
Cloudless CLEAR
Commercial goods: Abbr MDSE
Communication system for the deaf, for short ASL
Demoted planet PLUTO
Disney's 'Lady and the ___' TRAMP
Dot in a 31-Down PIXEL
Egg cell OVUM
Egg-shaped OVOID
Even a single one ANY
Farm building BARN
Former competitor of Southwest USAIR
Game of chance whose results are often televised LOTTO
Geico mascot GECKO
Generous portions of pie SIXTHS
Clues Answers
German steel city ESSEN
Gerontologist's study AGING
High-quality black tea PEKOE
Humorist Bombeck and others ERMAS
In ___ (as found) SITU
Inits. in some church names AME
Internet forum overseers, informally MODS
Jots down NOTES
Kind of seat in a fighter jet EJECTOR
Mag. number ISS
Mediterranean or Adriatic SEA
Network on the telly BBC
One day ___ time ATA
One taking vitals, perhaps NURSE
Opposite of oui NON
Prefix with angel or enemy ARCH
Prestigious Atlanta university EMORY
Rough and textured, as fabric NUBBLY
Second-largest city in Oklahoma TULSA
See 34-Down GLORY
Shape of a rainbow ARC
Sign of a B'way success SRO
Sly animal FOX
Sound before someone says 'Gesundheit!' ACHOO
Sound of disgust FEH
Sticky GLUEY
Suitable for the country RUSTIC
Supreme Court justice Kagan ELENA
Swiss peaks ALPS
Symbol of Christianity CROSS
Texter's pictograph EMOJI
Turkish title AGA
What's dispensed from the middle of many a soda dispenser ICE
With 33-Down, the U.S. flag, affectionately OLD
Young dog or seal PUP