The Washington Post Sunday - Feb 16 2020

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Clues Answers
'25 or 6 to 4,' e.g.? CHICAGOTUNE
'Born ___ Way' (Lady Gaga hit) THIS
'Do you understand?' CAPISCE
'Don't delay!' NOW
'Gimme a few ___' SECS
'I'm out' SEEYA
'In what way?' HOW
'Livin' la Vida ___' (Ricky Martin hit) LOCA
'Sherlock' star Cumberbatch BENEDICT
'That's true' YEAH
'The Hate U Give' author Thomas ANGIE
'The United States has explosive material'? AMERICASGOTTNT
'Turandot' piece ARIA
'What a long week!' TGIF
'What nonsense!' ITSALIE
'___ been better' IVE
'___ of discussion!' END
Alarm, as in a haunted house SCARE
Alkaline cleaning agent SALSODA
Ancient region ruled by Alexander the Great IONIA
And others, in Lat ETAL
Apt to be deemed untrue DENIABLE
Arthur of 'Mame' BEA
Attic powder DUST
Back in time AGO
Bed board SLAT
Bed size TWIN
Below 90 degrees ACUTE
Black mamba, e.g SNAKE
Bookie's numbers ODDS
Boston or UCLA athlete BRUIN
Canine container DOGCRATE
Christmas jingler SLEIGHBELL
Cinematic patron of Rick's Cafe Americain ILSA
Circulatory passage AORTA
Cluttered condition MESS
Coat rack pieces PEGS
Command to parents to identify their newborn boy? NAMEYOURSON
Cosmetic for cheeks ROUGE
Crossed a shallow pool WADED
CrossFit woes ACHES
Dark pendant stone ONYX
Days before holidays EVES
Decision-makers ARBITERS
Delaware State University setting DOVER
Diminish gradually TAPER
Diminutive D&D being GNOME
Drink taken out of 45 Across TEA
Drink taken out of 98 Across ALE
Empty space GAP
ESPN host Nolan KATIE
Evanescence singer Amy LEE
Fastens with a click SNAPSON
Fictional elephant BABAR
Food taken out of 117 Across RIB
Food taken out of 122 Across EGG
Food taken out of 23 Across COD
Food taken out of 25 Across POI
Food taken out of 68 Across HAM
Gothenburg denizen SWEDE
Granite State sch UNH
Had been WAS
Had no doubt about KNEW
He appointed Trotsky to lead the Red Army LENIN
Home of royal broncos? BUCKINGPALACE
Home of the National Museum of Qatar DOHA
III, in modern Rome TRE
In a state of nervous excitement ATWITTER
Issue, as beams EMIT
Kings and queens, e.g DYNASTS
Clues Answers
Labor activist Chavez CESAR
Laces' place SHOE
Last Oldsmobile model ALERO
Lift with might HEAVE
Like bills SIGNED
Manner of speaking for many a character on 'Nashville' DRAWL
Masters standard PAR
Metal vein LODE
Mimicking APING
Mob honcho CAPO
Mob honchos DONS
Moved worriedly PACED
Nation that adopted a new constitution in 2015 NEPAL
Nickelodeon show set in Bluffington DOUG
Nordli bed frame seller IKEA
Of a certain column SPINAL
Part of the way up STEP
Path between pews AISLE
Patterned after ALA
Person painting portraits of actress Charlotte or Issa? RAEARTIST
Pieces of band merch CDS
Pigmented eye layer UVEA
Place in a crypt ENTOMB
Prudishly proper sort PRIG
Putt next to the hole TAPIN
Reverse card game UNO
Rimes with lyrics LEANN
Rudimentary material BASICS
Scratch up MAR
See 19 Across ALONE
See 56 Down CRATCHIT
Seoul food consumer KOREAN
Show time, informally TONITE
Singer Barter or actress Larter ALI
Singer who played Catwoman EARTHAKITT
Sleep state REM
Snitch on, with 'out' RAT
Someone may run for it SEAT
Sounds heard in the 1992 film 'Beethoven' BARKS
Speaker's address, perhaps MADAM
Spot for a tourniquet ARM
Springfield skateboarder BART
Squanders, as a lead BLOWS
Stags' wedding bands? DEERRINGS
Starter course, briefly? INTRO
Stimpy's buddy REN
Subject of a TMZ report CELEB
Support, as a nonprofit DONATETO
Surgeons' blades LANCETS
Sushi roll topper ROE
Swear in church, maybe? SAYIDO
Take home first prize WINIT
Tanzania neighbor RWANDA
Tiny recipe quantity PINCH
Trick for completing a task more efficiently LIFEHACK
TV, in slang IDIOTBOX
Understudy's role in 'Clueless: The Musical'? SUBSTITUTECHER
United Nations figure DELEGATE
Vassar students beginning in 1969 MEN
Vehicle going downhill SLED
Vehicle showing ads BUS
Washington Mystics star ___ Delle Donne ELENA
Wayne ___ (Gotham City locale) MANOR
When some do lunch ATNOON
With 20 Across, by oneself ALL
With 79 Down, clerk in 'A Christmas Carol' BOB
Word before 'suite' or 'party' BRIDAL
Zealous AVID
___ by ___ ONE
___ chi TAI
___ torch TIKI